Bogota Coffee Company

bogota_coffee_companyTwo college friends – Paul Ashby and Carl Meek – reunited in 2012 and over a cup of the good stuff realized that they shared a mutual love of ‘Colombia’s finest export’. The pair decided to work together and create a business offering high quality Colombian coffee at affordable prices. The ethically sourced beans are all hand-roasted at Café de la Fonda in Bogota.

“Our aim is to acquaint people with great Colombian coffee and bring a piece of Latin American distinction to the familiar setting of home”.

The finest 100% Arabica beans are sourced from sustainable farms where the altitude, volcanic soil and optimum rainfall create the perfect growing conditions for ‘The best coffee in the world’.

The beans are carefully harvested by hand and then sun-dried before being washed and transported to the Bogotå plant where they are hand-roasted by experts. The beans are shipped the same day to ensure absolute freshness.

All of our products are certified by the Colombian coffee growers federation to ensure that all ethical standards are met.

Two products are currently offered online: Espresso Roast ‘smooth, medium acidity with a strong, full-flavoured aroma’ for use in espresso machines or home grinder (£11 per 500g bag) and the Classic Dark Roast (£9 per 340g bag) for cafetiere, Moka pot or filter.

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