Can You Cook Britain’s Best Dish?

Britain’s Best Dish is to hosted on ITV during the summer.

They have five auditions around the country (21st April – Manchester, 29th April – Cardiff, 5th May – Norwich, 12th May – Birmingham, 19th May – London) where participants will be asked to pitch their signature dish to a panel of chefs and explain how it will be cooked and presented. Each dish has to be prepared and cooked in under an hour and must be an original recipe for either a starter, main course or a dessert.

Creativity, culinary knowledge and originality will be the main criteria for winning.

Twenty-four people from each region will then presented their dishes, live, at a cook-off in the ITV studios. There are cash prizes for winners of each section and an overall top prize of £10,000.

Are you a passionate foody? Britain’s Best Dish 2007 is on the hunt for amazing amateur cooks to come and showcase their brilliant home spun recipes in front of the best in the business.

We are looking for REAL homemade dishes, cooked by REAL people with REAL passion.

Selected cooks will compete against each other to win the title of Britain’s best starter, main course or pudding. Then it will be over to the Great British public as they vote which will win the ultimate accolade – Britain’s Best Dish.

Do you have the Nations best kept secret dish, a recipe that you think should be on the shelves?

If you think you and your signature dish has what it takes we want to hear from you!

Please call the team on 0870 600 2552 or email to find out more!

40 Comments on "Can You Cook Britain’s Best Dish?"

  1. taylor says:

    regarding the above competition – my son applied after a request from the organisers.
    1. he was told at the interview he could go no further even though his dish was fantastic because he was a chef! why ask him to apply in the first place
    2. why was there a half page spread in the local paper featuring a chef from the local store who was applying – why did she get through

    is the whole programme a total fix – an answer to this and other e mails would be appreciated

  2. Najma says:

    where do yo u have to go and what is the address

  3. Andrew says:

    Najma – phone number and email are in the post

    Taylor – an interest state of affairs; I doubt it is fixed but in light of those TV phone in comps you never know!

  4. Kenny Green says:

    Once again Scotland gets left out. Why is it called Britains favourite dish when only England and Wales are included. We have the best produce in the uk and also some of the best chefs. No scotland No Northern Ireland typical another reason to sever all ties bring on the referendum. Shamefull

  5. john milroy says:

    i do not think a curry comes under britains best dish anyone can make acurry we eat it in britain but it is not british

  6. ian connelly says:

    is there any way , i can get some of the recipe’s, especialy the sweets?

  7. Doe Harris says:

    I love the program, it is adictive. We British have some wonderful old fashioned recipies, it is such a shame that younger people do not learn to cook like we did. I adore cooking and baking, I could cook for Britain.

  8. carol harvey says:

    excellent show, fantastic receipes,
    can we have a copy, which site.

  9. Jane Bolton says:

    Please how can I find the recipes for this wonderful competition. Have tried the web site but cannot find them.

  10. Elaine Bowen says:

    We decided to try cooking the Bakewell tart ~ Best dish, week 5, our favourite dessert/cake. The Pastry…..nothing was said to bind the fat and flour (i.e. egg or water) and the quantities were totally beyond belief for a 25cm flan tin and shortcrust pastry usually has fat 50% of the flour weight. The receipe states: 900g flour ~ 335g fat! which will make over a kilo of very bland, hard and unpalatable pastry, leaving three quarters unused and thrown in the bin. Further, the filling asks for 3 teaspoons of almond oil??!! we were only able to find almond essence and used half a teaspoon which was just about right. The filling was only enough for a 21cm flan dish not 25cm. In conclusion, a most disappointing recipe and hard to believe that the panel thought so highly of the result.

  11. blake says:

    recipes required for bestdish programme

  12. Ann Clarke says:

    I am also looking for recipes from this competition, especially the winning recipes from last night’s competitiion. Where can I find them?

  13. Moira says:

    Fascinating programme. Watched every one. However, as it was supposed to be all down to taste, why was it a ‘phone-in vote?! Having said that, I’m sure the best dish won.

  14. alexis neary-hillips says:

    britains best!!!!!! should be called something else as it did not include the whole of the british isle – unless someone knows something I don’t?

  15. mrs a ward says:

    like so many people who watched this great program,where can i get the recipes from!!!.

    would love to have them

    kind regards

  16. Ann Gardner says:

    Who & what dish won the competition, as it was one of the few we missed?

  17. DELIA PUTTICK says:

    I agree curry is not a british dish, and should not have been entered into it. We eat caurry yes but it is not British.

  18. teresa says:

    brilliant didnt miss a single episode but unfortunately cannot find the winning recipe on this website

  19. Andrew says:

    Not sure why anyone is looking on this site for the recipes – it just reported the news and is not associated with the program. I’ll see if I can track down the recipes though…

  20. Graham says:

    Elo Fokes Was it the pork roll recipe that won the comp and do any of you kind peeps hav it cheers GRAY

  21. marcia says:

    where can I get the recipes from british best dish, especially the desserts.

  22. mary Dixon says:

    What won like Ann (16) we missed the last programme

  23. sandra price says:

    would like the recipe for the sticky toffee pudding with coffee please. can`t find it on your site many thanks .

  24. Theresa says:

    I love the vegatarian indian starter that won tonights programme 03.10.08, any ideas how to gwt the recipe. thank you

  25. Harry Sleep says:

    Why are you having a competion for the best British Dish which apparently does not include Scottish or Welsh competiters but Foreign recipes are acceptable, like Tndian & Mexican ,what other country recipes will you be accepting.
    If the competion is for the best British Dish then that is what it You the judges were appointed for not Your own ppersonnel preference.Play the Game.THANKS

  26. Hannah Khan says:

    I realy like britons best dish so I was
    wondering if I could take part in britons best dish.

    Love Hannah.

  27. Peter Steers says:

    Recipes for curry and tart please. Why so coy?

  28. Peter Steers says:


  29. Tracey Firth says:

    All the recipes for Britains Best Dish can be found on :-

  30. Dee says:

    I think it is a disgrace that Northern Ireland is not represented in Britains Best Dish as we have a lot of top chefs and a lot of great cooks who could very well be competition. Maybe that is why we are not asked to take part as England would not win – oh they probably would as all judges are English

  31. janet hutchinson says:

    I was looking for the latest recipe after watching tv this evening 3rd August 2010 but cannot find it. Where is this evenings Best Dish too?????????????

  32. Valerie Clark says:

    I cannot find the recipe for the red cabbage on Tuesdays 3rd August programme of Britans Best Dish

  33. Stephanie Scott says:

    There seem to be more foreign than British dishes in the present series. Surely Britain’s Best Dish should be just that – British.

  34. Joan Davey says:

    Where can i find recipes shown on ITV on August 27ty 2010?

  35. Jenny Baker says:

    As already requested by many other viewers, where can i get the receipies. I really would like to have a go at making the merangue tower featured today.

  36. charlotte says:

    well how old and where are the auditions

  37. Craig says:

    All the recipes in Britain’s Best Dish so far can be found at

    …. including my recipe for ‘Thai Spiced Mackerel’ :)

  38. yvonne gordon says:

    I would like to cook for britens best dish next series. Bacon Badger. you will love ittttttttttttttt

  39. Kathleen J Davies says:

    I rearly love britons best dish, I have even used some of the sweet dishes in my sons tea rooms they went down well, but what I can’t stand is why don’t the people with long hair tie it back, I cringe when they keep pushing there hair back from there face then go back to the food, and there fancy rings how can they put there hands in the food with them on please take them off, health and highgene must come into it some where. best wishes xxxxxxx

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