Cicchetti and Other Small Italian Dishes To Share

Cicchetti and Other Small Italian Dishes to ShareCicchetti are irresistible little morsels full of local flavour, the Venetian equivalent of Italian antipasti, Spanish tapas and French canapés, Thai street food or English finger food.

Venetians have turned these bit-sized delights into a culinary art, but every Italian region has its own special version. Made using traditional methods and produce, the meat, seafood and vegetable treats are the best of Italian cooking in miniature.

Compelte with lively anecdotes, colour photography and the authors’ intimate knowledge of Italian cooking, Cicchetti and Other Small Italian Dishes To Share is a comprehensive collection of authentic and innovative recipes that well send your taste buds reeling.

The book is divided into two. The first half is written by Lindy Wildsmith and celebrates the traditions of Venetian cicchetti. It contains a selection of recipes divided into sections including seafood, crudo (raw fish or meat), meat, fresh produce, cheese, charcuteries and the aperitifs – yes, drinks are included – to serve with them. Recipes in this section include Fresh Tuna Balls with Anchovy and Lemon, Ricotta and Pancetta Crostini, Risotto with Peas and Venetian Chopped Liver Crostini.

The second part of the book, written by Valentina Harris, has extended the culinary journey around the other Italian regions to share some of finest stuzzichini produced by friggitor (fired food stalls), bars and rosticcerie (shops selling roasted meat) from Milan to Palermo. Harris supplies us with such delights as Creamed Asparagus Tartine, Basilicata Salami and Caciocavallo Cheese, Neopolitan Scrambled Eggs and Pancetta and Rosemary Pancakes.

All the recipes mentioned I’ve made and sampled; all were delicious.

Just a shame you can’t get Caciocavallo cheese and authentic lardo that easily in the UK. (Oddly named Nife is Life list both Lardo £12.50 for 500g and Smoked Caciocavallo cheese £11.50 for 650g.)

Cicchetti: And Other Small Italian Dishes to Share is soon to be available from Amazon for £20.

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  1. Nifeislife says:

    Why oddly name? Nice Italian Food Everyday (Nife!) :-)

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