Complete Mushroom Cookbook

We are at the height of the mushroom season – just head off to your nearest Carluccio’s to see the autumnal wonders in all their glory!

But if you don’t know your Enoki from your Cep a wonderfully illustrated guide and cookbook may be in order. Carluccio’s Complete Mushroom Book includes a field guide to edible mushrooms and those to avoid in addition to a range of superb recipes.

“Carluccio’s expertise is unrivalled and this book, with over 100 recipes that make the most of readily available mushrooms in dishes ranging from classic to contemporary via oriental and Eastern European, will not disappoint. In addition, for those who want to join in the thrill of hunting for their own mushrooms – the quiet hunt – The Complete Mushroom Book offers a detailed and authoritative well-illustrated field guide that helps distinguish between edible wild mushrooms and their poisonous look alikes. This unique book, with specially commissioned photography by Alastair Hendy, will inspire and inform and bring the pleasure of mushrooms available to a wider audience.”

Antonio Carluccio’s Complete Mushroom Book: The Quiet Hunt is available from for £9.29.

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