Delia Smith’s How To Cheat At Cooking

Delia Smith’s How To Cheat At CookingIt is causing a bit of a brouhaha is Delia’s new cookery book – How To Cheat At Cooking.

Not only have the critics lambasted her for failing to join in the with the anti-supermarket crusade and her recommending using products that come with excessive packaging but the results are decidedly lacklustre.

The Times today, for example, has recreated one of the new recipes, “good old shepherd’s pie”. After having to visit several different supermarkets to locate the required ready made and ready cut ingredients they write that

“The result was… okay. That did surprise me, as it had looked like a concoction of cat food and ice hockey pucks to begin with. But not only does my normal recipe (involving meat that I fry myself, a good slosh of red wine and potatoes I peel, boil and mash to a Delia recipe with creme fraiche, butter and milk) taste nicer; it was also a lot quicker to shop for – and takes no longer to make. I was left wondering what the point of cheating was.”

Delia Smith’s How To Cheat At Cooking is available from for £9.

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  1. Michelle Môn says:

    You know what, I thought it was just me. Every other search result about this book seemingly comes up positive. I’m not a Delia fan anyway, but when I first heard about this book, the first thing that popped into my head was, why? When we as a nation are starting to reject processed crap, and starting to take pride in what we put on a plate and into our bodies, someone who has tried for years, decades to get us to do this – goes out and tells us to buy bl**dy Dolmio? (No offence Dolmio). Counter-productive? Yes, we’re all busy, I have 4 children and a husband and I still manage without resorting to shoving this junk inside them. I’m not usually controversial but I am passionate about food and this is wrong on many levels

  2. Andrew says:

    I am sure that in the USA there is a food program on some food channel or other that does exactly the same thing – rubbish food from processed ingredients.

    I believe the book is to feature in this weekends (Sunday 24th Feb) Guardian Food Monthly.

  3. Lynne says:

    Would you be able to tell me the make and where I can get one of the mini food processor that Delia used on Monday night programme (10th March)

    Thank you

  4. Richard says:

    It looks like the Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper

  5. Richard says:

    Lynne, it looks like Delia was using a Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper

  6. Gilly Walter says:

    Were can I buy the small food processor that Delia uses on the Cheats recipes Programme?

  7. Gilly Walter says:

    where can I buy the small food processor Delia uses on the cheats T.V. programme ?

  8. michael crocker says:

    could you please tell me the recipe for the dish with frozen aubergins and cheeese shown on mondad thank you

  9. Connie says:

    I am totally shocked at Delia, we dont need cooks like her showing us how to cheat at cooking with frozen or processed rubbish. Whoever thought of all this, her PR should be fired. Not impressed, she has lost all my respect, sorry

  10. Angie says:

    I thoroughly enjoy Delia’s program . I am a pensioner so I have more time to bake, but I like her idea’s and I shall use them inconjunction with her other recipes I have her origanal How to cheat book, which I also use when I’m stumped for something different to cook.

  11. Joy Robinson says:

    Small food processor is a Kenwood, I have one myself its fab can get it form any electrical store, mines is about 16 months old now, I got it from Sainsbury’s Castle Boulevard Nottingham, have seen them in Curry’s electrical store Nottingham

  12. hilscymru says:

    For gods sake why dont people lighten up ! Yes we know we shouldnt eat processed food but all Delia is doing is showing us HOW we can cheat, you dont have to use the recipes and if u ever have a dinner party or are stretched for time then she is showing how it can be simplified so put things into perspective and give her credit where its due Thankyou Delia

  13. Eva Fun says:

    Some people need a little help totake short cuts and although I’m not one of them I was delighted to see delia’s recipe for ‘egg benedict’. We have been enjoying the dish many a time since.So thank you for that.

  14. leigha says:

    I have 6 children a husband who workes all over the world and a hold down a full time job. Delia’s how to cheat cook book has been a fab help on days when I am just to exhausted to spend hours in the kitchen cooking from scratch….to me she is a saviour!
    We all need time to put our feet up and relax from time to time, it’s better than ordering take away which is utter junk. So leave delia alone, she’s only thinking of us hard working mums and giving us a leg up when we need it! I’d give her a gold medal if I could!!!!!

  15. Mrs D Davies says:

    Feb 8th 201O
    On Delias programme tonight on BBC2″Delia through the Decades” they showed a part from “How to Cheat” in which she used a mini processer. Could you tell me where I can buy one? As I cook for one it would be ideal for me Thank you for your help

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