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Ocados Paleo shop

ocado paleoOcado, the online supermarket, has noticed a rise in Brits adopting the Paleo or ‘caveman’ diet, with sales of grass-fed meat up 73% YOY. Searches for unadulterated fish like organic salmon are up 58%; even the humble onion is in demand if it’s organic, with searches up 86% the last four weeks. To cater for demand, Ocado created a one-stop Paleo shop making it convenient for enthusiasts to get clean living essentials delivered to their kitchen table in handy one-hour slots.

Followed by celebrities and athletes such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jason Statham, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Freddie Flintoff, the Paleo diet is a modern nutritional plan based on the diet of Palaeolithic humans (cavemen). It’s ‘eating clean’ or consuming unprocessed foods and consists mainly of fish, grass-fed meat, organic eggs, vegetables, fruit, and nuts.

More than just weight-loss, the premise of Paleo is that human genetics have barely changed since the end of the Paleolithic era, when cereals and grains first appeared in our diets. By consuming foods we’re more adept at digesting, experts and enthusiasts report higher energy levels, increased defences against chronic illness and improved organ and heart health.

Ocado has partnered with Paleo expert Joy Skipper, author of new book The Paleo Diet Made Easy, to create the aisle so shoppers can browse for inspiring new recipe ideas and rest assured that all of their choices adhered to Paleo nutritional guidelines.

Joy Skipper said:

“Switching to the Paleo way of eating is very simple and once you start to cut out the foods your body finds hard to recognise, you will hopefully feel vitality and energy so you won’t want to go back to the way you were eating before. Ocado’s Paleo aisle is the perfect place to shop – all your Paleo essentials all in one place. With one-hour delivery slots, there’s no need to wait in all day to have your Paleo foods delivered – enjoy your day and know that great food is on its way to you, when you choose.”

Browse the new aisle now:


forknadoLaunching this week from those fabulous fellows at Dinnr a sub-brand called Forknado this week. Hot lunch in East London for a fiver, delivered in 20 minutes max. This is a complementary offering to Dinnr – Forknado is for lunch, Dinnr is for dinner.

The promise is simple: Hot lunch in 20 minutes max for £5 (no delivery charge). Our first day’s special is Cali’s food craze Ramen Burger (in meat and veg form). Meals are changed every day. Delivery hours are 11:30-2:30pm

Where: Here’s a map of their current delivery zone. And here are the delivery postcodes. And if you love Forknado but are outside the zone, please enter your postcode here. This will help in planning further expansion.

Why: Because sandwiches are boring and sushi is expensive.

How: Sounds too good to be true, I know. What’s the catch? Kerbside delivery only (you need to come out to collect) and there are only have 2 different dishes every day to keep things simple.

Marmite Chocolate Returns

marmite chocolateLove it or hate it, Marmite chocolate is making its way back to confectionary shelves nationwide. Answering the nation’s call for its return, the ‘Very Peculiar’ milk chocolate bar, made with a hint of Marmite, is set to mystify tastebuds once again.

Joanne O’Riada, Marmite brand manager, comments:

“Arguably ‘Very Peculiar’ sparked up the biggest love/hate debate of any Marmite product when is first launched. The chocolate bars flew off the shelves and fans have been calling for its return ever since. Even if it’s not to everyone’s taste, it will certainly intrigue all chocolate lovers.”

The 100g chocolate is available from Sainsbury’s, BHS,, Amazon, Menkind, Topshop and Independents from about now with a price of £3.

Cricket Tea Crisps

Cricket Tea CrispsTyrrells, the premium English crisp brand, is stepping up to the crease and celebrating English cricket in 2013 with the launch of its Cricket Tea Crisps.

In a summer that is set to be cricket crazy, Tyrrells is showing its enthusiasm for this truly English of sports with a ‘three deliveries in one’ afternoon-sandwich inspired pack. The Tyrrells ham, cheese and tomato seasoned ‘Cricket Tea Crisps’ crisps will be a first for the brand as it has put three different seasonings in one pack. This unique and delicious snack is only available during the summer cricket season with an RRP of £0.89p

Inspired by the sporting tradition for breaking for tea, which is as much a part of international matches on hallowed squares as cricket played on the village green, the Tyrrells Cricket Tea Crisps deliver a different and evocative taste with each crunchy bite and are as civilized and mannerly as the great game itself. Moreish and surprising, they are guaranteed to bowl many a maiden over!

Oliver Rudgard, Marketing Director at Tyrrells says: “A summer of cricket is one of those truly English endeavours, irrespective of the weather. As a quintessentially English brand, we thought we would celebrate cricket tea with this limited edition whilst the English do battle with the Australians. Creating a pack that has the uniqueness of three seasonings in one bag was a key part of the campaign. We are also delighted to not just celebrate the national game, but also the grass roots of the sport by offering these crisps to teams in return for their entertaining cricket photos and stories.”

Tyrrells is inviting village cricket teams to get in touch and the first 500 teams to email will receive a free case of Tyrrells Cricket Tea Crisps (24 x 40g packs). To be in with a chance of winning a season’s worth of crisps, send in your entertaining image of your team munching away on the Cricket Tea crisps.

Mr Trotters British Pork Crackling

Mr Trotters British Pork Crackling

“Blimey @Mr_Trotters, these are HOT, HOT, HOT! Shame I don’t have a cooling margarita to hand.” @sipswooshspit

Mr Trotter’s revolutionary British pork snack was the brainchild of food writer Tom Parker Bowles, BBC2 Great British Menu’s judge Matthew Fort and Cotswold farmer, Rupert Ponsonby. It is cooked from 100% British pork, unlike most other scratchings made from imported Danish rind, and carries the Red Tractor quality and origin assurance symbol. Mr Trotter’s uses no added MSG.

Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling is triple cooked by hand in small batches using a longer process to deliver a crisper crunch.

Mr Trotter’s Jalapeno Chilli has just joined his sibling, the Original, which was launched in November 2011. for this second offering Mr trotter has been travelling far and wide to look for new flavours to show off his porky perfection. That’s why he has teamed up with the jalapeno from Mexico, a medium hot chilli with a verdantly sharp bite.

Available from Selfridges and other deli’s and farm shops, Mr Trotters British Pork Crackling are also available on line.