Guinness Marmite

Guinness Marmite
Or Marmite Guinness! A limited edition bottle of the nations most loved/most hated spread mixed with that other love or hate it treasure, Guinness.

Available on the shelves of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Waitrose this ‘just in time for St Patricks’ day edition will cost £2.49 and guaranteed to be a collectors item as only 300,000 of the little darlings are being produced. Guinness Marmite is created using 30% special Guinness yeast, to give it the ‘classic Guinness flavour’.

It has been described as being “even nicer, with more depth and meatiness” or “even more disgusting with a horrid Guinness tang” – depending on your viewpoint obviously!

20 Comments on "Guinness Marmite"

  1. Muriel says:

    Just discovered your blog and I really like it,couldn’t say the same about Marmite …especially with Guinness YUK !

  2. Andrew says:

    AAh a marmite hater! Me? I love Marmite and cant wait to see this version on the shelf.

  3. sam says:

    if my mum doesn’t get me a jar of this I might have to disown her.
    She has never let me down thus far. I have complete confidence in my own future ownership of a jar of Guinness Marmite.

  4. I like Guinness but not that keen on Marmite. I will have to try it though to see what it’s like.

  5. icookfood says:

    That jar just looks so cool! Almost enough to have to buy two… one to eat and one to admire ;-) Definitely going to keep my eyes open for this in the shops.

    For those who don’t like Marmite (poor souls), I reckon that more than a couple of the recipes in the Marmite Cookbook would still be acceptable. I used some Marmite in a salad dressing yesterday, and if you knew it was there, you may well taste it, but if you didn’t, I think it would still taste fine. Extremely versatile stuff!

  6. Chrisb says:

    I can see my daughter Sam is placing a lot of responsibility on my shoulders; I am having great trouble trying to find stores who stock this product. Sainsbury’s tell me it won’t be on their shop floor until 7th March but couldn’t tell me for sure which ones. My niece told me she had seen it in Asda I went especially today but no luck was told when asked they had never stocked it. So if anyone knows where I can get it in Bristol UK I would be grateful as the whole family is desperate to try it.

  7. Andrew says:

    I’ll see on my next shopping trip if I can find some. I’ll pop an extra couple in the trolly to keep Sam happy, just in case you cant find any Chris.

  8. Pete says:

    How can you not like this! It’s amazing – really smooth and creamy… Sign the petition to keep it on the shelves!

  9. ben,liverpool. says:

    if we mix a guinness marmite with the champagne marmite would we get a black velvet.has anyone tried it?

  10. ollie says:

    when is guiness marmite on sale. love the stuff.

  11. trevor roche says:

    ollie, try these guys i have purchased from them several times during the past year…not sure if they have any left think it was like unwanted over purchase that the girl was trying to get rid of but hey its gotta be worth a try. I’m in the US and they have gone all out to get to me so highly recommend.

  12. Carl Syms says:

    Where can I get this? I live in Canada
    Will pay for shipping and handling.
    My girl is Irish and she loves the regular Marmite.

  13. John Newbury says:

    Please help, within the next two weeks I will be suffering from lack of GUINESS MARMITE, please, where can i get further supplies.

  14. Andrew says:

    Limited edition… when its gone its gone…

  15. maria Gillespie says:

    Is it worth my while keeping a hold of an empty jar of mmm guinness LE for the future will it be worth anything , just a thought.. thanks

  16. Sarah Lamprell-Jarrett says:

    Could you tell me if the Marmite Guiness variety is gluten free. I thought that Guinness contained gluten, but the Marmite variety was on a gluten free list that I recently received, I am now confused.
    Sarah Lamprell-Jarrett

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