In Search of – Organic Baking Ingredients

Steenbergs Organic Baking IngredientsSteenbergs – those very nice perveyours of organic/fairtrade herbs and things – have just released an organic peppermint extract and an organic rose water. These new bottles join their organic fairtrade vanilla extract. The range is packaged in pinks and blues, packed in 100ml bottles, and will soon be joined in the shops by flavoured organic Fairtrade sugars. The idea is that baking should be fun!

If you’ve never tasted a rose cake or had rose icing then you’ve a treat in store – somehow you feel completely spoilt when you eat a slice or a cupcake. Use Steenbergs Organic rose water as an addition to all sorts of puddings whether its chocolate mousse, baked fruits or home made jellies. It adds a wonderful dimension to your cooking. For rose icing, simply add a few drops to your mixture.Organic peppermint extract can be used in all sorts of sweets and puddings it works particularly well with anything chocolatey, as well as that ubiquitous favourite peppermint creams.

How to use Steenbergs Organic Fairtrade vanilla extract? The many uses for a wonderful vanilla extract are varied and plentiful from delicious vanilla custards, cakes, ice-cream to puddings galore. Our favourite use has to be our own homemade hot chocolate on those colder evenings.”

Organic Peppermint Extract £4.85
Organic Rose Water £3.75
Organic Fairtrade Vanilla Extract £7.70

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