All posts in Specialist Shops launches on Amazon has become a supplier of Mexican food to This latest demonstration of the Mexican food distributor’s ambitious plans for 2014 sees an initial 100 products become available to users of Amazon. More will be added in the near future.

Amazon has over 200 million customers worldwide and a constantly-evolving product range comprising millions of lines, from food to furniture and clothing to computers.

Already proving popular among customers of’s products on Amazon are the Street Taco Size corn tortillas and the El Yucateco Achiote paste. is an online supplier of authentic Mexican groceries and ingredients, offering products not generally available in UK and European supermarkets. Food supplied by is imported from Mexico and shipped in the company’s own packaging from its warehouse just north of London. Orders are dispatched within 24 hours.

Speaking about her company’s latest move, Katya Torres de la Rocha, CEO of, said: “To offer a selection of much-loved authentic Mexican ingredients through Amazon is an exciting development for us. Amazon is one of the biggest and most prestigious companies in the world. We are delighted they have recognised how popular Mexican food is becoming.” sells over 500 products, including generic Mexican-brand tortillas, dried chillies, spicy sauces and nopales (cactus leaves) beans. Also available are Jose Cuervo Margarita mix, fresh tamales, Oaxaca cheese, habanero chili sauce and Mexican kitchenware.

So, go have a looksee: mexgrocer on amazon

The Fine Coffee Club

fine coffee clubYou love coffee, especially properly made coffee….not the instant variety…. It is estimated that 5% of the UK population (and more probably since Christmas) now have a Nespresso machine… but having the machine and then buying the coffee capsules for it are two whole different stories, as the expensive Nespresso branded refill capsules aren’t available to pop in your trolley at the main supermarket chains with your weekly shop.

Now, however, the Fine Coffee Club has the answer. An easy way to get your compatible pod refills with a tantalising array of the very best coffees in whatever strength and flavour is your particular fancy…..all at a price that’s around 20% cheaper than buying the branded version online. Just how good is that?

The Fine Coffee Club offers a wide variety of capsules to buy online with the greatest ease, and then delivered straight to your letter box with the least hassle. So whether your favourite cup is latte, or cappuccino, or expresso from the finest Colombian 100% Arabica beans, or perhaps a slightly milder Kenyan AA, the Fine Coffee Club can meet your needs.

Dark, medium or light roast, even decaf or lungo…we can do it all and we are the only company providing 100% Arabica coffee for the Nespresso system. We even have a roast that supports the charity assisting farmers repair their lives in war torn Rwanda now the country has discovered it can produce wonderful coffee beans…so you can enjoy the perfect cup with a social conscience if that is your wish.

The Fine Coffee Club capsules are compatible with all Nespresso machines for home use so why not join the tens of thousands of other customers who have now made the Fine Coffee Club the go to website for your coffee pods and other coffee essentials. Truly an entrepreneurial British company, the word is even now spreading overseas with the Club supplying discerning coffee drinkers from New Zealand to the USA as well as across Europe.

Just visit

The SlowMeat Company

the slowmeat company Husband and wife team, New Zealand born farmer Tim Williams and London born creative Claire Williams are about to launch their high-quality, organic, delivery service; The Slow Meat Company.

The SlowMeat Company sources locally slow grown meat, processed by small scale operators in Somerset, offering fully traceable, high welfare, quality traditional British breeds suchas the Ruby Red Devon, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, Sussex and English Longhorn.

Five different luxury meat boxes, the ‘Taster’ (£39), ‘Premium’ (£49), ‘Slow Meat Special’ (£49), ‘The Mighty Meat Box’ (£89), or a ‘Bespoke’ box can be ordered online for a special occasion or regularly on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The meat, ranging from premium grass fed sirloin steaks to braising joints, is delivered overnight in wool insulated, ice packed chilled boxes and includes hand printed instructions and handy cooking tips to get the most from your chosen cut.

A born and bred farmer’s son from New Zealand, Tim Williams has worked on large scale cattle ranches, free-range livestock farms, in a Venison plant on the rugged West Coast of New Zealand and has been managing organic farms in the UK’s southwest. Wife and ex-Londoner Claire is a London College of Fashion Graduate who runs her own vintage dress making business, Princelilly. With a keen eye for creative detail, the duo have already been causing quite a buzz online with The Slow Meat Company’s fun and stylish social media updates, 700 followers within a couple of weeks of trading and plug via Ben Sherman’s homepage.

Rather Large Christmas Cracker

Hotel Chocolat Large Cracker

Hotel Chocolat Large CrackerTime is running out… can it really be just a week until Christmas Day? A last minute gift idea – its one I’ve purchased to add a little dash of something special to the family gathering – its the Hotel Chocolat Rather Large Christmas Cracker.

Packed to the gills with chocolates and complete with jokes and classy silver paper hats the Rather Large Christmas Cracker is £38 plus postage if not purchased in store.

This striking, over-sized cracker is the perfect centrepiece for all sorts of Christmas get-togethers and parties – never failing to raise smiles and a few gasps as the 40 chocolates inside come tumbling out! Complete with 12 party hats and jokes. Measures 640mm long

Including smooth pralines, luxurious champagne truffles, dreamy caramels and more, all wrapped in pairs so they’ll be as fresh as can be. Chocolates with & without alcohol.

Figgy Pudding…ice cream

Figgy Pudding…ice creamAn award-winning West Yorkshire artisan ice cream producer has rolled out a range of limited edition flavours for the festive season.

Huddersfield based Yummy Yorkshire has created five special ice creams laden with favourite festive ingredients such as zesty cranberry, caramelised fig and brandy.

The flavours include Figgy Pudding, Cranberry & Apple, Chocolate Orange, Biscotti Irish Cream and Christmas Cake.

The Christmas Cake flavour is loaded with fruit and is made using a special blend of spices while the Figgy Pudding ice cream has a hint of cinnamon and a healthy dose of brandy infused mixed fruit and a caramelised fig ripple.

The Cranberry & Apple is a smooth, light pink ice cream which balances the tartness of baked cranberries with the sweetness of apple; a true reminder of Christmas dinner.

The Chocolate Orange flavour is pure indulgence as is Biscotti Irish Cream, which is made with a generous helping of everyone’s favourite Irish whiskey and cream liqueur.

The flavours have gone on sale at Yummy Yorkshire’s Denby Dale ice cream parlour and are also available for restaurants, delis, farm shops and independent retailers to order.

Louise Holmes co-founded Yummy Yorkshire with her husband Jeremy five years ago and is responsible for the creation of new flavours. She says: “You wouldn’t expect ice cream to be popular at this time of year but our festive flavours are always a huge hit.

Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream is known for its innovative and diverse flavour list which runs with the seasons. Since the business was launched in 2007, over 60 different recipes of ice cream have been developed using the best, locally sourced ingredients and milk and cream from the farm’s own herd of Holstein cows.

Several of the flavours have scooped prestigious awards including six Great Taste Awards by the Guild of Fine Food.

The Yummy Yorkshire ice cream parlour is located on the A629 between High Flatts and Ingbirchworth. For further information and directions visit