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Ocados Paleo shop

ocado paleoOcado, the online supermarket, has noticed a rise in Brits adopting the Paleo or ‘caveman’ diet, with sales of grass-fed meat up 73% YOY. Searches for unadulterated fish like organic salmon are up 58%; even the humble onion is in demand if it’s organic, with searches up 86% the last four weeks. To cater for demand, Ocado created a one-stop Paleo shop making it convenient for enthusiasts to get clean living essentials delivered to their kitchen table in handy one-hour slots.

Followed by celebrities and athletes such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jason Statham, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Freddie Flintoff, the Paleo diet is a modern nutritional plan based on the diet of Palaeolithic humans (cavemen). It’s ‘eating clean’ or consuming unprocessed foods and consists mainly of fish, grass-fed meat, organic eggs, vegetables, fruit, and nuts.

More than just weight-loss, the premise of Paleo is that human genetics have barely changed since the end of the Paleolithic era, when cereals and grains first appeared in our diets. By consuming foods we’re more adept at digesting, experts and enthusiasts report higher energy levels, increased defences against chronic illness and improved organ and heart health.

Ocado has partnered with Paleo expert Joy Skipper, author of new book The Paleo Diet Made Easy, to create the aisle so shoppers can browse for inspiring new recipe ideas and rest assured that all of their choices adhered to Paleo nutritional guidelines.

Joy Skipper said:

“Switching to the Paleo way of eating is very simple and once you start to cut out the foods your body finds hard to recognise, you will hopefully feel vitality and energy so you won’t want to go back to the way you were eating before. Ocado’s Paleo aisle is the perfect place to shop – all your Paleo essentials all in one place. With one-hour delivery slots, there’s no need to wait in all day to have your Paleo foods delivered – enjoy your day and know that great food is on its way to you, when you choose.”

Browse the new aisle now:

Yutaka Yuzu Citrus Seasoning

yuzuYutaka’s Yuzu Citrus Seasoning is the perfect way to access the flavour of the elusive Japanese fruit, the yuzu. Deliciously tart with floral aromas, the tangy citrus seasoning tastes like a hybrid of a lemon, mandarin and grapefruit and has won two Great Taste Award stars.

A favourite of Nigel Slater and Jamie Oliver, yuzu juice has the versatility of a lemon (and 3 times the vitamin C) and adds an exotic splash of flavour to savoury and sweet dishes alike, including salads, noodles, marinades for meat and fish, desserts and even cocktails.

The Yutaka brand was first launched in 1995 and is the leading Japanese range in 16 countries across the globe. The exciting range includes sauces, sushi ingredients, soups, rice, noodles and “easy to use” meal kits – allowing the ardent foodie to create healthy, flavoursome and attractive Japanese cuisine at home.

The Yutaka Yuzu Citrus Seasoning is available in Sainsbury’s priced at £2.99 for a 100ml bottle.

Sainsbury Value of Value Campaign

News from Sainsbury’s Corporate Responsibility and Society team – What value really means to us!

Today sees the launch of our new Value of Values campaign, centred around our basics range. With over 500 products in the range, basics is both kind to budgets and responsibly sourced. Whether it’s eggs from cage-free hens, Fairtrade bananas, RSPCA freedom food salmon or British pork, it can all be found within our lowest priced range.

This strong values focus, coupled with fair pricing, sets us apart from the competition which is why as well as communicating our own price and values we will also point out where we have a price comparison and values comparison with Tesco.

Chances are, you’ll see their Value of Values ad featuring basics barn eggs on the TV tonight, if you can’t wait its below:

Sainsbury Value of Value Campaign Advert:

Take a hit with VITHIT

vithit What if there was magical drink you could take that would give you more energy? Or would give you 100% RDA from 8 different types of vitamins? Or even better, boost your metabolism? And taste fabulous! Well, lucky for us, there is, as Ireland’s best kept secret VitHit is now available in the UK. The drinks include Berry Boost, Detox, Citrus Revive and Lean & Green and all are made with real juice, herbs and tea, with no added sugars and are stocked on the shelves of Tesco stores.

Each bottle of VITHIT is less than 35 calories for an entire bottle, which means there are fewer calories in a whole bottle of VITHIT than an apple! The vitamin drinks are perfect for those who want a pick me up or simply seek a healthier lifestyle. Packed full of vitamins such as B1, B6 and C, each drink will help you revive, give you a boost, or help your body detox and the Lean & Green contains mate tea and l-carnitine, which are both traditionally known to boost the metabolism, ideal for those who are looking to lose weight.

Take a hit with VITHIT – Berry Boost, Lean & Green, Detox and Citrus Revive are available in Tesco with a RRP of £1.49 for 500ml.

Learn more about VitHit through the VitHit website

What Is FruitBroo?

fruitbrooWhat is fruitBroo? Be the FIRST to discover HOT drinks made with real JUICES

Autumn is here, pack away our summer clothes and replace salads and cold drinks with warming foods and hot drinks. Whilst the food we have may have improved, the choice of hot drinks leaves little to the imagination. That was until now… a brand new hot drinks brand hits the market. FruitBroo is the first of its kind, hot drinks made with real juices that will have you saying WOW after the first sip!

FruitBroo, as you will discover, is like no other hot drink. Long gone are the days of the teabag, FruitBroo comes in handy little 100ml bottles that store easily in the fridge and make 15 cups. That’s plenty of FruitBroo goodness to see you through those colder days! Just pour one or two teaspoons of your chosen FruitBroo into your cup, add hot water, sit back and really enjoy.

Full of juicy fruits, herbs and spices, but just 15 calories, FruitBroo is 100% natural and caffeine-free. In fact 99.9% of the 15,000 people who have tasted it love it and we are sure you will too!

Hitting the shelves of Sainsbury’s mid-September, and with an RRP of £2.25, there will be 4 fabulous flavours to choose from including; Peach, Pear & Honey, Apple, Ginger & Spice, Lemon & Ginger and Honey & Lemon. As well as being available at Sainsbury’s, FruitBroo is also available to buy online at