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New: 1080 Recipes

1080 recipes - now available in EnglishThe bible of Spanish Cooking – 1080 Recipes by Simone and Inés Ortega has finally been translated into English.

Over a million copies have been sold in Spain making it the countries favourite cookbook. The English version has been updated by the creators daughter, Inés, and now contains a fully comprehensive range of recipes, 1080 in all.

Roast Chicken Stuffed with Pears, Pistachios, Sausage and Bacon is certainly going to be a favourite, while the details on Tapas, Paella and so on are guaranteed to be truly authentic.

Its release couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment for I’m about to receive a long-term Spanish house guest. All I need now is a Polish equivalent to cope with my other group of European friends!

1080 Recipes available for £12.95.

Restaurant Asks Diners To Sign Legal Form Before Eating Christmas Pudding

neleen_straussDiners at a London restaurant are being asked to sign a legal form before they eat its traditional Christmas puddings, just in case they swallow a silver charm by accident.

The owner of High Timber, a ‘wine dining’ restaurant in the heart of the City, was warned by some of her regulars customers in the legal profession, that the complex Health and Safety regulations made serving a traditional pudding with lucky charms practically impossible…unless diners signed a legal indemnity before tucking in.

“Yes, it’s crazy,” said Neleen Strauss, owner of High Restaurant, “but when you’ve got half a dozen lawyers looking after your interests, you can’t ignore them. I had to take their advice.”

“Bureaucrats and pen pushers spend the whole of the year coming up with ways of how to take fun out of traditional things like egg and spoon races and pinning the tail on the donkey.

“If by getting my customers to sign a form before they can eat a delicious Christmas pud, then that’s what I’ll do. It’s good to keep traditions alive, even if we have to jump through hoops to do it.”

The form customers have to sign states:

I the undersigned realise that by eating this Christmas Pudding at High Timber restaurant, London, I could bite into a lucky silver sixpence or silver charm.

I absolve entirely High Timber from all blame or liability should I come to any harm including but not limited to a chipped tooth, or any injury as a result of swallowing it.

I eat this Christmas Pudding in the full knowledge there may be silver items within.

Signed………………………………………. Print Name………………………………………

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Iron Chef Coming to the UK

iron_chef_ukThe famed American show Iron Chef is heading to the UK. Channel 4 are now casting for the daily cookery show and would like to open the auditions to readers of The Foodie List. Based on the hit American and Japanese shows, each episode of Iron Chef UK will see four contestants each week battle the “yet to be announced” resident Iron Chefs in a cooking competition based around a central ingredient or theme.

We’re looking for confident, charismatic, professional and amateur chefs who’re up for the culinary challenge of a lifetime. The programme is already hugely popular in Japan and the US and we’re incredibly excited about launching it here in the UK!

We’re looking for people with a passion for food and cooking. Are you or someone you know a culinary colossus….a gastronomic goliath…or king of the kitchen?

If you think you have what it takes call 0141 353 8416, email or head to You have to be available for filming between 4-26 February 2010.

The image above is an apron availble in the US from and says Iron Chef in Japanese.

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The Food of Spain and Portugal by Elisabeth Luard

The Food of Spain and Portugal by Elisabeth LuardIf you haven’t had your fill of recipe books covering Spain – then this new volume should be added to your bookshelf asap.

The Food of Spain and Portugal by Elisabeth Luard covers Portugal in addition to Spain.

Elisabeth herself lived in Cadiz for 12 years while her young family grew up, and having visited local markets throughout Spain and Portugal, has an intimate understanding of the regions of Spain and Portugal and the particular flavours associated with each. Try her wonderful Valencian Paella and you’ll be booking that flight out straight away.

The book covers 21 different regions through 200+ recipes that all make a virtue of simplicity and let the ingredients speak for themselves. Combining stunning food images by Jean Cazals with location photography and fine art (Goya, Velazquez, Murillo), The Food of Spain and Portugal is as irresistible to the armchair traveller as to the cook eager to know the story behind the dishes.

Buy The Food of Spain and Portugal by Elisabeth Luard from for £9.74.

Sunday Times Top Food Books

The Sunday Times announced yesterday, with little fanfare, their Cookbook of the Year – Persia in Peckham by Sally Butcher.

In addition to this fine tome they list 10 other highly recommended food books for Christmas as detailed in the display below. This includes the excellent 1080 Recipes reviewed earlier on The Foodie List.