International Year of the Potato

International Year of the PotatoDid you know that 2008 is the International Year of the Potato? Neither did I until Eating Leeds gave me the nudge.

“The celebration of the International Year of the Potato (IYP) will raise awareness of the importance of the potato – and of agriculture in general – in addressing issues of global concern, including hunger, poverty and threats to the environment.

Over the next two decades, the world’s population is expected to grow on average by more than 100 million people a year. More than 95 percent of that increase will occur in the developing countries, where pressure on land and water is already intense. A key challenge facing the international community is, therefore, to ensure food security for present and future generations, while protecting the natural resource base on which we all depend. The potato will be an important part of efforts to meet those challenges… “

I’m waiting for the international lawyers to come-a-knocking; use of the logo is by permission only. I couldn’t be bothered to fill out the application form…

“The logo of the International Year of Potato was created by Italian graphic designer Giancarlo de Pol. The main graphic elements – above, a bowl with harvested potatoes and below, in the earth, a golden tuber – symbolize the intimate link between humanity and agriculture. The slogan, “Hidden treasure”, highlights the often overlooked importance of the potato for rural people, the economy and global food security.”

A multi-language website is available.

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  1. Bob says:

    I LIKE POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. potato may be the next generation food in bangladesh.It is the substitue of rice.It can reduce the crisis of food in the world,if we can utilize this potato

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