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I run a small organic grassland farm in Wiltshire, rearing majestic four-horned Manx Loaghtan rare breed lamb and mutton. This year my lamb won the Meat Category of the National Organic Food Awards awarding us the most tasty organic meat in the UK! My mutton was highly commended at the Awards and I have now have ten National Organic Food Awards for my lamb and mutton.

This is how our meat has been described:
– Mark Hix, Hix Oyster and Chop Bar: “Langley Chase Organic Farm’s wild looking lambs taste delicious with a little hint of game.”
– Rick Stein: “Langley Chase Organic Farm is one of my favourite sources for organic lamb.”
– Hardeep Singh Kohli, a judge of this Year’s National Organic Food Awards said:
“I am a big fan of mutton and we should be eating more, especially when it is as tasty as Langley Chase mutton. You can taste the love in great food and you can certainly taste it in Langley Chase mutton!”

Ours is a specialist, organic meat, high in taste and low in fat and cholesterol. Everything we sell, we have reared ourselves on our herb rich pastures and meadow hay. Our lamb and mutton are perfect alternatives for Turkey for Christmas, make a totally traceable organic feast for Easter, provide delicious dinner parties and fine lamb and mutton bangers and burgers for the Summer barbeque. I’ve also been developing our other delicacies including Langley Chase Smoked Lamb and Manx Loaghtan Salami.

I sell direct to customers across the country. The farm’s website – – details everything we do, how I rear my sheep (including data on the low fat and cholesterol of the breed) and run our Soil Association registered farm. You can watch a short video of sheep and farm

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