Make Your Own Recipe Book

sample blurb cookbookEver fancied pulling together a host of family recipes into your very own unique book? Then head on over to Blurb and download some software…

“Blurb is an easy to use software, which allows you to make a book on whatever you want! So whether you want to make a book of recipes to share with the family, or you want to create a professional, published book to sell in the Blurb website, you can do it! It doesn’t matter whether you want to fill it with your posts, your beautiful pictures, recipes or a mixture of all three, Blurb is a great way to share your passion, Blurb has a bookstore full of cookery books varying from personal family recipes, to those aimed at the mass market.”

Blurb books cost from £6.95 upwards. You create your books and order them online at The downloadable software required is free.

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