Morrison Cellar Interactive Taste tool

Morrison Cellar Interactive Taste toolAre you daunted by wine lists? Limited to Chardonnay? Only comfortable with cocktail menus? Well now you can find out which wines best tickle your taste buds with the Morrison Cellar Interactive Taste tool and dedicated online wine site,, this autumn.

Having analysed the wine-buying habits of 10,000 UK wine drinkers, Morrisons discovered people need help choosing wines with confidence they know they’ll love when they open the bottle. The clever Interactive Taste tool does just that by taking the guess work out of knowing your Merlot from your Malbec, and helping you confidently choose wines you will enjoy.

By answering three simple non-wine questions based on preferences such as – how you take your coffee, if you add salt to food and whether you prefer full fat or no-added-sugar fizzy drinks – you can discover whether your flavour profile is ‘sweet’ (0-3), ‘fresh’ (4-6), ‘smooth’ (7-9) or ‘intense’ (10-12), and relish a new way of drinking through a bespoke list of wine recommendations matched to your personal taste preferences.

With anywhere between 500-10,000 taste buds determining whether you prefer sweetness or bitterness, it’s highly likely the flavours you enjoy will be different to those of your family or friends. If you take two sugars in your tea, you’re more likely to be in the ‘sweet’ profile range so will enjoy quaffing something more delicate like a Riesling. However, if you’re a black coffee drinker you might be more suited to a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon to fit your ‘intense’ profile.

Thanks to the Taste Test, everyone’s tastes can now be satisfied. Morrisons’ wine buying team has assigned a flavour profile to every wine in their range to help you not only find a wine you’ll enjoy, but to also give you the confidence to try wines you may not usually buy. For example, if you are a 7 then you can expect any red, white or rosè wines in the ‘smooth’ category to appeal to your taste.

Morrisons is also trialling the Taste Test in a number of stores this autumn, with a view to incorporating into stores in 2013. In the future wine ranges in Morrisons’ stores may eventually reflect local favourites – perhaps Portsmouth will have a penchant for Prosecco while Shropshire will be sipping Shiraz? will have more than 1,000 wines to explore (nearly double the number currently in-store) and you can choose from pre-selected cases of six or twelve bottles according to your flavour profile or build your own bespoke box of twelve. Free delivery will be standard, and if you don’t love the wine you’ve purchased, Morrisons will give you your money back.

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