National Campaign To Establish Shepherd’s Pie As A ‘proper’ Pie

Apple PieA new pie lobby is preparing to go to Parliament to demand equality for pies.

Under current rules, pies topped with anything other than pastry are not classed as real pies – leaving the legendary shepherd’s pie and cottage pie out in the cold.

Now pie-fans, headed by a Country pub group, are preparing to challenge the rules and demand the age-old pie-rulebook is scrapped and rewritten.

Bosses at Vintage Inns are hoping their campaign will convince the bigwigs at the British Pie Awards – the gold standard as far as UK made pies are concerned – to finally allow the entry of pies which aren’t made from “a filling totally and wholly encased in pastry”.

Its not just potato-topped pies which have been suffering from discrimination either – pies which are lattice topped or fruit topped are also unceremoniously outlawed by the pie experts.

It may be pie in the sky but an official ‘pie’tition, launched by country pub group, Vintage Inns, aims to change the official definition of ‘pie’ to include those without the traditional pastry lid.

Launched during British Pie Week (4th-10th March 2013), if the ‘pie’tition is successful it will save both Shepherd’s Pie and Fish Pie from the ignominy of being classed, officially, as fake pies.

Neil Dawson, Retail Director at Vintage Inns said:

“It seems somewhat unfair to us that pies have to have a pastry lid to be officially classed as a pie. What about the traditional Shepherd’s Pie or Fish Pie? What about an Apple Pie with a lattice lid? Surely they are as deserving of a ‘proper pie’ classification as anything with a pastry top?

“We are serious about this. We are launching this unique ‘pie’tition to encourage our customers, fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter to decide whether Shepherd’s Pie should in fact be called Shepherd’s Pie or indeed something else.

“We’ll take it to Parliament if we have to but we intend to start by analysing our customers votes and, if they are behind us we will then hand in a copy of the ‘pie’tition to the bigwigs at the British Pie Awards who, until now, have refused to recognise the validity of any pie without a pastry lid.

“We want equality for the classic Shepherd’s Pie, Fish Pie and all those other fantastic pies which, until now, have been regarded by the experts as poor pie cousins of those with pastry lids.”

The Vintage Inns group has a collection of nearly 200 country pubs and restaurants across the UK and signatories will be encouraged to add their name to the ‘pie’tition at any of their venues over the coming months.

Running in conjunction with the campaign, celebrity chef, James Martin, introduces a new range of pies across all the Vintage Inns, available from 19th March.

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