New Products from the Garlic Farm

garlic farm pork scratchingsThe Garlic Farm has expanded its offering of garlic greatness by adding four lines to its range for 2013. These latest products follow in a string of successful garlicky products from the farm such as butters, chutneys, condiments, sauces and salts.

Garlic is used by hundreds of thousands if not millions of people every day, in very basic dishes to complex meals, but the thought of adding it to jam or perhaps a Bloody Mary does not naturally spring to mind. The Garlic Farm, based on the Isle of Wight, strives to create unusual delicious combinations that will be sure to get taste buds tingling with anticipation and these latest products are no exception.

Pork Scratchings with Garlic
This good old pub favourite is even more mouth watering now it comes with garlic! These high quality scratchings have beendouble roasted for an even more intense flavour and mouth watering crunch.
Priced at £1.75 each

Bloody Mary Spice Mix with Garlic
Continuing on the pub theme, this tasty powdered spice mix is combined with vodka and tomato juice to create a tangy cocktail. It can also be used just with tomato juice to create a Virgin Mary. For something a little bit different, use the mix as a rub for meat!
Priced at £4.50

Garlic Jams
These jams are both sweet and savoury and both a relish and condiment. They have been combined with roasted garlic to create a taste sensation that is perfect with cold meat, sausages and cheese. Also try stirring this jam through gravy for a sweet, thick and flavoursome finish.
Available with Roasted Garlic and with Roasted Garlic and Red Chilli
Priced at £3.90

Olives with Garlic and Basil
These green olives have been marinated in lots of garlic and basil! They are fantastic when enjoyed in crisp fresh salads, inpasta or simply on their own shared with friends over drinks.
Priced at £3.95

Tom Honeyman-Brown, Farm Manager at The Garlic Farm commented: “We’re always looking for foodie delights we can give the garlic stamp! As you can imagine, we add garlic to everything we do here at the farm and this lends well to product development and innovation. We believe these latest products will be successful additions to our already popular range and that garlic lovers will enjoy them just as much as we do.”

These new products from the Garlic Farm and many more are available from

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