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Douwe Egberts Video 3 & Competition Question

Here we have the third of the series of videos from sponsors Douwe Egberts with the classic Cappuccino as the theme.

We visit the grass routes of Douwe Egberts coffee story, the beautiful coffee farms of Colombia. The final of the three films fittingly takes us back to where it all begins and introduce us to the passionate farming families who grow the finest beans, generation after generation. Narrated by James Nesbitt, we really hope you’ll enjoy this and the other films in the series!

The competition as detailed in the previous Douwe Egberts post needs a question! What we need to know is “What is your favourite coffee based dish”? Closing date for entries (either emailed in or left as a comment) is December 25th.

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Douwe Egberts Video 2 & Competition Details

Love Coffee? Love that first cup steaming from your cafetiere? Then this film is for you!

Douwe Egberts have been growing, roasting and supplying the finest coffees for over 250 years and have learnt a thing or two about the world’s most popular drink along the way…

This is the second in a series of 3 short films that charts the fascinating story of coffee and the breakthrough that truly made coffee instant and global – the filter. We also meet Etienne, the passionate tasting master behind the last 3 decades of Douwe Egberts blends. Narrated by James Nesbitt, we really hope you’ll enjoy this and the other films in the series!

Regarding the competitions:

1) Douwe Egberts MAIN competition:

The Netherlands is where it all started for Douwe Egberts, some 250 years ago, and we’ve been following the fascinating stories behind coffee ever since. They love hearing about your ideal endings to the coffee story – the kind of special coffee moments that you look forward to enjoying, week after week. In return for sharing, they are inviting one lucky winner and a friend to experience where it all began. You’ll enjoy 3 nights of 4* accommodation, flights and transfers, £100 spending money and a whole host of Amsterdam’s cultural and culinary delights. The winner will be selected as the most original and humorous entry. Closing date is midnight, December 31st 2009.

Enter Here:

2) Hamper Giveaway provided by Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts are sponsoring another competition for the UK readers of The FoodieList to giveaway a Christmas hamper (6x Etienne Products, Cafetiere, 2x Mugs,1x Thermos Travel Mug1x Douwe Egberts storage tin) to the value of £45.00. The competition relates to the three Douwe Egberts videos being posted on the blog over the next 2-3 weeks. There will be a question which I will post with the final video so keeping watching the videos and keep your eye out for the question. Good luck Closing Date is December 25th 2009

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Douwe Egberts

Below is the first of three films by those fine coffee makers, Douwe Egberts. Focusing on the most popular variations (Espresso, Cafetiére & Cappuccino), we hear from the numerous and passionate advocates from around the World, at every stage of the process, from the Growers, Harvesters & Master Tasters, all the way to Douwe Egberts’ most valuable experts; the passionate coffee drinkers at home, work and play.

“Douwe Egberts have an unrivalled heritage in the coffee world. With a wealth of experience spanning over 250 years, Douwe Egberts have mastered the art of making truly exceptional coffee. Blending smooth, delicious coffee is a skill that they have been perfecting since 1753. With the help of their master blender, Etienne Moernaut, Douwe Egberts bring you great tasting coffee from across the world in every cup.

Etienne’s passion has been at the heart of Douwe Egbert’s coffee since 1973. Working from the factory in Belgium, he proves his dedication by tasting between 250 and 300 cups a day. His extensive knowledge and insistence in tasting at every stage of the roasting process, to ensure balanced flavours, is the secret behind the great taste of Douwe Egbert’s coffee.

Douwe Egberts’ knowledge allows them to produce a delicious and consistent taste for both their Instant and Roast and Ground ranges. Whether you’re on the go, or if you’re after a moment to savour, their range sumptuous blends will satisfy every palette. From smooth and indulgent to vibrant and intense, Douwe Egberts’ unique expertise allows them to deliver on taste every time.
Douwe Egberts have an unrivalled heritage in the coffee world and boast over 250 years of experience in making truly exceptional coffee. Blending smooth, delicious coffee is an art they have been perfecting since 1753.”

Another reason to watch this series of entertaining (and fascinating ‘educational’) videos is that a little competition may be arising at the end :-)

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