River Cottage Bread Making Mini Vids

Channel 4 will be running a series of River Cottage short films focussing on different aspects of bread making, starting from Monday 20th September.

Over a series of 5-minute “bites”, River Cottage Chefs, Gill, Gideon and Nonie offer step-by-step guides to the joys of baking homemade bread:

Lunchtime Baking : River Cottage Head Chef Gill demonstrates how to make the perfect soft white rolls for lunch time, while River Cottage Chef Gideon rolls out a simple but delicious oat cake recipe.
20th September at 12.05

Sweet Bready Treats: River Cottage Head Chef Gill demonstrates a tasty and tempting way to combine old bread with fresh fruit in the perfect summer pudding, while River Cottage Chef Nonie gives a step-by-step guide as to how to make home made doughnuts.
22nd September at 12.05

Sourdough Baking: For anyone who wants to get into serious baking, sourdough is artisan bread-making like they used to do it for centuries. Follow River Cottage Chef Gideon as he shows how to make a sourdough starter and classic sourdough loaf, as well as a tangy sourdough rye loaf too.
23rd September at 12.05

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