Sausage Sandwich

Sausage Sandwich
This month sees three big occasions come together – Bonfire Night (November 5), British Sausage Week (November 5th-11th 2012) and the 250th Anniversary of the Sandwich – and to mark this milestone the British Sandwich Association has come up with a real banger – the Whizz Bang hot sausage and mustard sarnie.

Eaten hot or cold, this simple Sausage Sandwich is a real winner comprising sausage (you can choose from a variety of flavours these days) with lashings of English mustard and onions (optional) in a roll.

Sausages make great sandwich fillers, particularly with stuffing and onion or with egg. Indeed, sausage and egg sandwiches rank highly among the most popular sandwich fillings in the commercial sandwich world.

Did you know?
• 87% of British households buy sausages
• During the year to July 2012 we ate more than 196,152 tonnes of sausage, spending £707 million

To add a little more spice to the occasion, the Association is offering consumers the chance to win a luxury hamper from Bel UK in an on-line draw during November – plus the chance to win a holiday in Hawaii (the Sandwich Islands). To enter just visit the Association’s consumer website at

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