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Farmhouse Breakfast Week 2011

Shake Up Your Wake Up With Farmhouse Breakfast Week 23 – 29 January 2011.

It’s time we all started the day the right way, with a quick and easy healthy balanced breakfast. The twelfth annual Farmhouse Breakfast Week is being rejuvenated for 2011 with a new theme “Shake Up Your Wake Up”. Organisers HGCA are challenging the one in four breakfast skippers to rethink their morning routine and start the day the right way, with breakfast. As the most important meal of the day it need only take minutes to make, but will deliver hours of benefits.

For heaps of quick and easy breakfast ideas visit Banana and Peanut Muffins are ideal for a tasty breakfast on the go, or if you’re looking for a breakfast that you can eat at your desk, try a warming bowl of Cranberry Spiced Porridge or a slice of Omelette Brunch.

New for 2011:

• Best Breakfast Gizmo Competition – Launched with expert Pollyanna Woodward we want to know your ideas for a new food gizmo to help shake up breakfast times.
• How To Shake Up Your Wake Up: Life Coach Rebekah Fensome offers her top tips on refreshing the morning routine and finding the breakfast which is right for you
• The Breakfast Factsheet: Interesting facts and figures about breakfast skippers and the breakfast market.
• Quick And Easy Breakfast Ideas: Simple breakfast ideas that can be eaten at home, on the go or at your desk.
• Shaking Up Your Wake Up Can Make A Difference: Nutritionist Therese Coleman explains why eating a healthy balanced breakfast is important.

Throughout the week itself (23 – 29 January 2011) hundreds of Shake Up Your Wake Up breakfast events around the country will be held to celebrate Farmhouse Breakfast Week. Schools, retailers, caterers and consumers will all be aiming to ring the changes and feel the difference that eating breakfast makes. Look out for events in your area and on ways of Shaking Up Your Wake Up.

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Alara Wholefoods rebrand to ‘Welcome the Sun’

Alara Wholefoods are undoubtedly one of the most environmentally friendly and forward thinking food companies in the UK, having become the first food company in the country to go ‘zero waste’. They were also the first cereal company in the world to be certified organic, the first to be licensed for gluten-free production and the first to make Fairtrade mueslis.

Over the last five years they have developed numerous organic garden projects at their factory site at Kings Cross; including an orchard, a vineyard and a demonstration Permaculture forest garden, as well recently as winning prestigious awards recently including Fast Growth Green Business of the Year, Small Food Manufacturer of the Year and Resource Management Company of the Year

They now hope that by re-branding their entire product range they can encourage customers to share their values and vision for a greener planet.

Alara’s motto is to ‘Welcome the Sun’, which is a shorthand way of signifying the profound move from an unsustainable society relying on fossil fuels to a sustainable one using solar energy – and this is the message they hope to spread through the new branding.

“Over the 35 years we’ve been around we’ve introduced numerous ranges to the Alara brand with the result that, at the moment for instance we have four different logos in the market. We feel that to move Alara forward we have to bring these ranges together under a common message. Given that enhancing the environment is our passion it makes sense to utilise this within the new branding; we also hope it will help our sales effort.

Research confirms that consumers do want that bit more from an organic and natural brand and like to see what we’re doing behind the scenes to enhance the environment – that we’re walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Our marketing last year focused on our green work, and whilst the organic sector saw a drop in sales our own brand saw an increase of 20% turnover; so along with our good prices this seems to be a worthwhile message. We believe the new brand will both reflect what we’ve been doing, act as a continuation of it, and through our ‘Welcoming the Sun’ message allow us to influence those in contact with the company to move, if only a step or two, in the same direction.”- Alex Smith MD and founder

The new branding, which utilises the image of a sun rise is also packaged in recyclable card and film and includes links to the Alara website which has hints and tips on how to become more sustainable as well as green competitions and an environmental blog.

The newly branded products include the ‘Everyday’, ‘Into the Garden’ and ‘OT’ ranges, bringing a total of 17 products to market, all with the same sustainable message – to ‘Welcome the Sun’

Alex Smith also says –

‘This rebrand is building on the experience and volumes we produce which enable us to offer a fantastic range of organic, Fairtrade and gluten free products at prices similar to ordinary run of the mill muesli. In short these are products that allow customers to maintain their values without making a financial sacrifice.’

The new branded products are now available and for more information or to stock visit

Rachel’s New Pouring Natural Yogurt

Wave goodbye to boring breakfasts with Rachel’s revolutionary, new pouring natural yogurt, guaranteed to liven up your morning. This deliciously mild, lighter textured yogurt is designed to pour smoothly over your cereal and muesli without the additional need for milk.

Available in three natural flavours; natural, natural with a hint of honey and natural with a hint of strawberry, the yogurt softens and wets cereal making it the perfect, tastier alternative to milk. What’s more, the smooth, creamy taste not only provides your breakfast cereal with a brand new lease of life, but can also provide the perfect accompaniment to fruit salads and desserts at any time of day.

Should you need any more persuading, the yogurt cultures also make it the healthier choice, leaving you to treat yourself safe in the knowledge that both your taste buds and your digestive system will thank you later. The health benefits of the pouring yogurt do not end there; the ‘hints of’ products provide natural sweetness, meaning that you do not need that large spoonful of sugar on top of your already sweetened cereal or muesli.

Andrew Curzon, Rachel’s Marketing Manager said: “In commissioned research we discovered that consumers were looking for something more interesting than milk to pour over their cereal and muesli, while current natural yogurt was also considered to be too thick. As the leading premium dairy brand, we felt that this was a great opportunity to develop a new product that consumers were literally crying out for. These new, pourable yogurts offer the same high quality Rachel’s yogurt taste but with a texture that allows it to be poured effectively over your favourite cereal and muesli, providing the perfect alternative to milk”

A first for the yogurt category, Rachel’s new pouring yogurts are also packaged in a pot with a unique spout to aid pouring accuracy so you can ensure your favourite breakfast is fully drenched in the delicious, smooth flavours of the yogurt.

Available in all good supermarkets, at £1.19 for a 400g pot, like all Rachel’s yogurts, this pouring natural yogurt provides an important source of calcium and natural vitamins, as well as the health-giving bio-live cultures associated with maintaining a healthy digestive system.

A Week’s Worth Of Healthy Breakfasts

It’s often said breakfast is the most important meal of the day and quite rightly so. It’s called breakfast as you’re literally braking the fast from the night before, yet too often it gets ignored or skipped because we’re too busy. And besides, looking at the same bowl of cereal you have eaten for the past week can often seem unappealing.

Fortunately for you there is a healthy, nutritious and filling alternative to make breakfast more enjoyable – wholemeal bread. High in fibre, it helps you keep fuller for longer and it’s also great for the heart. Low in fat and sugar, two slices also provide you with 100% of your recommended daily intake of wholegrain.

In this video there are five tasty recipes you can make for the week so say goodbye to the jam as nutritionist Lindsey Ormond shows you how to enjoy such delights as eggs and mushrooms on toast to a fruity sandwich. And there are so many options you can add that are both healthy and will take you all the way through to lunch without snacking. Try the Hovis wholemeal Breakfast Week and see what a difference it makes!

Click here to the video to view some healthy and filling breakfast ideas:

For more information visit

Betty Blythe “I’D Love You For Breakfast” Hampers

Betty Blythe, a beautifully designed and resplendently stocked fine food pantry and tea shop in Brook Green, is delighted to offer its “I’d Love You For Breakfast” Hampers for Valentine’s Day. The ultimate treat, these hampers are delivered right to the door and contain everything needed to have a scrumptious Breakfast in Bed whether going continental or having a hearty Full English!

Betty Blythe’s Valentine’s Day Hampers are the perfect surprise for a loved one first thing in the morning, when the last thing you want is to go out into the cold to get breakfast. Bursting with delicious treats from the Betty Blythe Fine Food Pantry, from freshly squeezed orange juice to the finest smoked salmon, the “I’d love you for breakfast” hamper lets Betty Blythe take the hassle out of your romantic morning. The “I’d love you for breakfast” hamper will be hand delivered with a smile, in a delightfully traditional hamper. The smell of freshly baked croissants and bread wafting from the basket
and the hamper will be made even more tempting with the freshly squeezed orange juice, tea and coffee & preserves for the full continental experience. Also the hampers can offer all the right ingredients for a cooked breakfast such as free range eggs, bacon and smoked salmon.

The girls at Betty Blythe, sticklers for luxury and glamour, are so determined in ensuring that their customers do not have to leave their houses in the morning that they also provide the little things that tend to be forgotten, such as the butter, milk and the newspaper! “I’d love you for breakfast” Hampers are priced at £45 each +delivery.

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