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Yorkshire Coffee Expert Creates Exclusive Amore Del Caffé

The UK’s first specially-blended aphrodisiac COFFEE, which combines a rare Indian coffee bean with essence of oyster, went on sale today – and shoppers are limited to just one cup due to the blend’s amorous intonations.

The new super seduction blend – De’Longhi’s Amore del Caffé – has been created for De’Longhi by Huddersfield coffee connoisseur David Cooper and is being offered to shoppers at luxury lingerie store Rigby & Peller in central London. Makers De’Longhi are taking no chances that it will have an immediate affect by enforcing a one-cup-only rule.

Coffee, especially in espresso form, is a powerful aphrodisiac and more commonly used in the UK for a morning pick me up than a date night treat. Cooper, who is the founder and managing director of Cooper’s Coffee, joined forces with De’Longhi, the Italian coffee experts in 2008 to create Caffe Raro – the world’s most expensive coffee. He has now teamed up with De’Longhi again to launch De’Longhi’s Amore del Caffé – the first specially blended aphrodisiac coffee.

De’Longhi’s Amore del Caffé infuses a rare and unique coffee bean, Indian Monsooned Malabar, with luxurious oyster essence from the seas of South East Asia. Monsooned beans are very rare – left out during the monsoon season the beans benefit from the moist rain soaked air which circulates through the beans giving them a smooth unique flavour with a rich body and long toffee finish.

To create the amorous blend the beans are carefully roasted to a rich dark mahogany then – while still warm – the oyster essence is infused into the beans creating a seductive blend unlike any that have been created before.

Kate Rolton De’Longhi UK said, “With our Italian heritage we pride ourselves on being experts in coffee and felt with this unique blend we are able to bring some tips on Italian romance and passion to UK shores. De’Longhi’s Amore del Caffé is a rich and dark coffee with the slightest hint of exquisiteness with each sip – it would be impossible not to fall in love with it.”

David Cooper said: “This is one of the most difficult blends I have ever worked on but also one of the most interesting. The difficulty arose from trying to infuse the coffee beans without the taste of oysters dominating the overall taste. Our quest to find a suitable oyster extract took us around the globe and we tried three different products including dried oyster powder from Asia.

“In the end we settled on a very expensive liquid oyster essence from Indonesia which proved the perfect way of infusing the beans without spoiling the taste. The resulting coffee is exquisite with a well-balanced, deep flavour and body. It really is truly irresistible.”

Nicky Clayton, Creative Director at Rigby & Peller, added: “The one cup limit is a very good idea as we expect De’Longhi’s Amore del Caffé to live up to its name – we hope the coffee will prove irresistible in its own right and raise money for a great cause.”

Available for a limited period De’Longhi’s Amore del Caffé is now available in London at Rigby & Peller stores in Mayfair, Knightsbridge & Chelsea for £39 per 100g package and all proceeds will go towards Macmillan Cancer Supports World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

Panama Esmeralda Special 2010, The World’s Best Coffee

This year’s exquisite Panama Esmeralda Special, widely regarded as the best coffee in the world, is a unique combination of rare Giesha Arabica, immaculate cultivation and processing practices, delivering a coffee of unsurpassed aroma and flavour. It is exclusive to Fortnum & Mason.

Available in a 250g tin of round coffee (£60) as well as a 250g pack of roasted beans (£50) this is the perfect gift for all coffee lover’s out there, or as a decadent self-indulgent treat.

Delight your senses with aromas of mandarin orange, jasmine and redcurrants which excitedly mingle with deliciously sweet, transparently clean and vibrantly citrusy flavours. Indulge yourself with a cup of Esmeralda Special coffee that is elegant, silky, magnificently balanced and finishes dreamily.

The coffee estate is Rainforest Alliance Certified, and under the management and guidance of third generation farmers, the Peterson family, who continue to strive for excellence in coffee, careful maintenance of the land and support of both the workers and their respective families.

Darren Williams, Coffee Buyer for Fortnum & Mason says, “We are extremely passionate about quality coffee and the new Panama Esmeralda Special is a fine example of the best of the best. Importantly, the superior flavour is matched with a commitment to environmental and social sustainability that we are proud to have associated with Fortnum & Mason.”

The new Panama Esmeralda Special will be available online at as well as in store from 1st September.

Dolce Gusto Videos

There was a little Dolce Gusto coffee/food event a while back that I couldn’t make. It gave those that did go the chance to find out all about the Dolce Gusto, trying out their coffee recipes, and then watching Ainsley Harriott in action cooking with coffee.

I’ve tracked down some videos showing the mixologists in action whipping up some coffee treats, they are all on facebook:

• The Dolce Gusto mixologists show you how to make an Espresso Express cocktail
• The Dolce Gusto mixologists show you how to make a Chococcino Treat cocktail
• The Dolce Gusto mixologists show you how to make a Caribbean Machiato Magic cocktail

Douwe Egberts Video 3 & Competition Question

Here we have the third of the series of videos from sponsors Douwe Egberts with the classic Cappuccino as the theme.

We visit the grass routes of Douwe Egberts coffee story, the beautiful coffee farms of Colombia. The final of the three films fittingly takes us back to where it all begins and introduce us to the passionate farming families who grow the finest beans, generation after generation. Narrated by James Nesbitt, we really hope you’ll enjoy this and the other films in the series!

The competition as detailed in the previous Douwe Egberts post needs a question! What we need to know is “What is your favourite coffee based dish”? Closing date for entries (either emailed in or left as a comment) is December 25th.

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Douwe Egberts Video 2 & Competition Details

Love Coffee? Love that first cup steaming from your cafetiere? Then this film is for you!

Douwe Egberts have been growing, roasting and supplying the finest coffees for over 250 years and have learnt a thing or two about the world’s most popular drink along the way…

This is the second in a series of 3 short films that charts the fascinating story of coffee and the breakthrough that truly made coffee instant and global – the filter. We also meet Etienne, the passionate tasting master behind the last 3 decades of Douwe Egberts blends. Narrated by James Nesbitt, we really hope you’ll enjoy this and the other films in the series!

Regarding the competitions:

1) Douwe Egberts MAIN competition:

The Netherlands is where it all started for Douwe Egberts, some 250 years ago, and we’ve been following the fascinating stories behind coffee ever since. They love hearing about your ideal endings to the coffee story – the kind of special coffee moments that you look forward to enjoying, week after week. In return for sharing, they are inviting one lucky winner and a friend to experience where it all began. You’ll enjoy 3 nights of 4* accommodation, flights and transfers, £100 spending money and a whole host of Amsterdam’s cultural and culinary delights. The winner will be selected as the most original and humorous entry. Closing date is midnight, December 31st 2009.

Enter Here:

2) Hamper Giveaway provided by Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts are sponsoring another competition for the UK readers of The FoodieList to giveaway a Christmas hamper (6x Etienne Products, Cafetiere, 2x Mugs,1x Thermos Travel Mug1x Douwe Egberts storage tin) to the value of £45.00. The competition relates to the three Douwe Egberts videos being posted on the blog over the next 2-3 weeks. There will be a question which I will post with the final video so keeping watching the videos and keep your eye out for the question. Good luck Closing Date is December 25th 2009

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