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British Families Are Wasting Food They Cannot Afford

British families are still wasting fresh food (and good money), by not eating what they buy.

According to a study by Manchester Metropolitan University’s Food Research Centre, a third of people admit to wasting food at the end of the week by throwing away stuff they claim has “gone off.” Considering a third also claimed they had less to spend this year, this wastage seems even more shocking.

Over half of people budget for their monthly food shop and with about the same proportion admitting they overspend, how can they save money whilst still ensuring their families get the nutrients they need?

The study, which involved 9 families, compared the wastage, taste and value for money of fresh meals compared to the equivalent frozen meals over a two week period.

The detailed study findings showed the families involved saved a third on their weekly household shopping cost by buying frozen food as well as reducing waste by over a third. The families involved were pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste of frozen food. It was also more convenient for those with busy lifestyles.

Here to help us understand how to reduce waste and get more value from your family’s weekly shop, without compromising on taste, is financial expert Ceserina Holm-Kander.

Cesarina’s top tips for feeding a family on a budget:

Keep your grocery shop regular (eg. once a fortnight) and buy in bulk
Frozen food can help here. Buy perishables daily but only to supplement the core meals that come from frozen. Cook two or three extra portions of any one recipe at the beginning of the period and then immediately freeze the extras.
Plan your meals in advance
Sticking to a plan stops you coming home from the supermarket with a load of food, but no real idea of what you are going to cook. Planning won’t just cut back on waste – it will save you a lot of time and money as well!
Plan your shopping list
Having planned your meals, this is the next logical step. Make a list and stick to it! The facts above are telling in this respect – 340,000 tonnes of food every year that is completely edible, yet never makes its final destination. By planning in advance what you’re going to eat, you can buy frozen food and know what it is that you’re going to cook three or four days away. Contrary to popular belief, there’s a huge range of frozen foods that cover nearly every food range.
The chances of getting bored with the same thing are pretty low!
Use and understand your freezer
You really can buy almost anything in frozen form – from herbs through to meat, bread through to cakes or fish. With correct care and maintenance (see the Freezer page on this website) your freezer will become your most useful tool in the fight against waste.
Make sure you get your portion control correct
By only cooking what you need straight from the freezer, you will get your portion control more accurate. Also, remember that world food prices are going up. The more we waste, the faster they will rise. So work out what you eat in terms of weight, and make a note for future reference. Eventually it will become second nature!4
Use your leftovers – don’t throw them away
The freezer and Tupperware are the two best things that ever happened to waste management. Make the most of both of them, and you’ll always have a freezer full of frozen uncooked food and frozen leftovers ready for reheating!5
Don’t shop hungry
Feeling hungry will tempt you into buying a whole load of stuff you don’t really need or want! By shopping soon after you’ve eaten, you will become a lot more discerning with your grocery shop.
Think of ways to cut down on packaging
It’s not just food that we waste… the packaging it comes in is now also proving to be a massive burden. Major supermarkets have recently been told by the government that they must look at ways to reduce packaging.6 By thinking green and considering the frozen alternatives, you will naturally reduce the amount of packaging waste that you generate.

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New: Honey Infusionz Range

A new range is now available in the UK that combines manuka honey with fruit, with a choice of 8 different flavours. Designed with the unique benefits of Manuka and seasonal fruits in mind, Honey New Zealand has developed the Honey Infusionz Range.

A great way to get kids to try a healthy honey spread!

Also encourages novel ways of taking honey. Drizzle on your ice cream or other dessert, use in baking, or the more traditional putting on toast and sandwiches. Plus can simply take by the teaspoon direct.

Combining pure New Zealand sourced and harvested Active 6+ Manuka honey with delicious fruit from around the world. The combination makes for a taste sensation to celebrate utilizing only the best concentrated fruit juice and spices.

Active manuka honey combined with fruit juice concentrates and spices are Natures pure energy source for a healthy energetic life style.

All use Active 6+ Manuka Honey. The 8 flavour options are:
– Apricot
– Blackcurrant
– Kiwifruit
– Blueberry
– Spiced Apple
– Strawberry
– Rasberry
– Cinnamon

The full flavour range of Honey Infusionz are available now in store and online from The New Zealand Honey Shop – – ph 0208 8751303

Whoopie for Elvis

Elvis. The 20th Century’s greatest performer had it all.

Talent, good looks, charisma. And a penchant for peanut butter, honey, bacon and banana sandwiches which were browned in a frying pan.

It’s a concoction that’s immortalised as the Elvis (or sometimes the Memphis) across many States of the US.

And so in tribute to the memory of a legendary fellow Mississippian, celebrated artisan bakery Outsider Tart presents its spin on a classic snack – the Elvis Whoopie Pie.

Two large soft cakey baps are sandwiched together with a thick creamy filling of peanut butter, honey and the very best pancetta.

“Elvis’s fondness for peanut butter and banana sandwiches is legendary. Our Whoopie pie version is more than fit for a King. I’d certainly have it as my last meal.” says Chief Froster David Muniz.

US style boutique bakers Outsider Tart were the first to start selling Whoopie Pies in the UK this time last year.

The hockey puck size pies, a classic Amish snack, come in seven other flavours including chocolate and oatmeal and pumpkin, and retail at £3 each.

The Elvis is now available from Outsider Tart’s Chiswick store, London Farmers Markets, or you can order via phone or the website. Delivery is available across the London area.

Outsider Tart,
83 Chiswick High Road,
W4 2EF

Bake shop opening hours: 8.00am to 6pm seven days a week
Payment details: all credit cards accepted
Telephone: 020 7096 1609

Peyton and Byrne

Available from the various Peyton and Bryne stores (and lucikly for those outside the capital, via their online store) are a new range of chocolate bars.

Self-confessed chocoholic, Oliver Peyton has put his passion for all things British into chocolate, creating a delicious range of Peyton and Byrne chocolate bars in a host of exciting flavours such as elderflower and English rose. Each deliciously rich, velvety bar has a high cocoa content, with even the milk chocolate boasts 40%, and is flavoured using quintessentially British ingredients.

While the Cornish Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate bar was deliciously morish it was the Elderflower and Dark Chocolate bar that blew me socks off! Initially subtle the Elderflower flavour really bloomed on the finish with the flavour lasting for an age. Needless to say the bar didn’t last long at all, even in this seasonal moment of chocolate excess! Expecting the Marmalade and the Toffee versions to be equally as divine.

When elderflower bloom it’s a very pretty but all too brief sign that summer’s arrived. At Peyton and Byrne we think their sweet citrussy fragrance is too good to miss, so we’ve added it to our favourite rich dark chocolate to create a truly British treat, all year round.

The chocolate bars are priced from £1.60 and are available at Peyton and Byrne Bakeries as well as

Celebrate This Easter With A Free Gift From Keevil & Keevil

Try something different this Easter and get a free gift from Keevil & Keevil. The oldest shop at London’s famous Smithfield Meat Market is giving away a corn-fed chicken with every online order over £40.00. So why not take a break from tradition and order a delicious venison joint from the Keevil & Keevil web store? They offer a great range of top-quality, fresh, wild red deer venison from the West Highlands of Scotland – delivered direct to your door. Tasty, healthy and easy to cook, it’s the perfect choice for entertaining family and friends this Easter.

Wild Venison
Our rolled shoulder of venison is the ideal roast for a no-fuss Easter lunch. Lean, succulent and full of flavour, it’s simple to cook and feeds a family of eight comfortably. Also perfect for feeding large gatherings, our venison haunch is delicious, tender and great for slow roasting, while our boned and rolled saddle of venison – with its lean, melt-in-the-mouth texture and rich flavour – is guaranteed to impress.

Free-range Duck and Guinea Fowl
If you prefer a bird at Easter, why not try our tasty, free-range Devonshire duck? Traditionally reared in the heart of the Devon countryside on a natural diet of grass and grain, these prime birds have outstanding flavour. Or choose our lovely, plump guinea fowl with its delicate flavour as a great alternative for a special Easter Sunday lunch.

Our delicious, juicy, oven-ready quails make a great, inexpensive starter, or an easy lunch or supper over the Easter weekend. Try them topped with sage leaves, wrapped in Parma ham and roasted in our recipe for Parma-wrapped Quail.

Whatever your choice from Keevil & Keevil, with a free corn-fed chicken for every order over £40.00, catering for family and friends this Easter couldn’t be easier.