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Truly Irresistible Tillington 1000 Pressed Apple Juice

Tillington applesApple juice made from some of the rarest apples trees in Britain is to go on sale at The Co-operative Food.

Some of the trees date back to pre-Victorian times, including one identical to the apple tree made famous by Sir Isaac Newton, when he discovered gravity.

Others have long-forgotten names such as Duck’s Bill, Bloody Ploughman, Fairie Queen and Forty Shilling.

All have been saved from extinction by The Co-operative, after the old British varieties were long ago rejected by other commercial growers in favour of modern alternatives.

The Prince of Wales and a private Scottish collector are the only other people to possess a similar collection, but The Co-operative, which grows the rare apples at its fruit farm in Tillington, Herefordshire, is the only one putting them to commercial use.

Most of the 1000 different apple varieties used to make the premium own-brand juice are old-style dessert apples. The juice has a unique, rich, flavour, which sets it apart from other commercially available rivals. When the rare “Tillington 1000” pressed apple juice went on sale last year, it sold out within weeks.

Edward Reaney, The Co-operative’s apple juice buyer, said:

This is history in a glass. These are the tastes and flavours that our great grandparents would have known. It has a seductive green apple aroma, a well-rounded dessert apple flavour and a fresh, crisp finish. Most of these apple varieties have been out of commercial production for decades. Growers have, understandably, switched to modern varieties which produce higher yields or possess more resistance to disease. However, The Co-operative believes that old British apple varieties are an extremely valuable part of our heritage. Even their names such as Bloody Ploughman and Duck’s Bill reveal a distinct British-ness compared to modern trees, which often simply have a varietal serial number.”

Even their names such as Bloody Ploughman and Duck’s Bill reveal a distinct British-ness compared to modern trees, which often simply have a varietal serial number.

Bloody Ploughman is a rich red Scottish apple dating from 1883. The name derives from folklore which tells the tale of a ploughman who stole apples and was shot for his efforts . His widow tossed away the stolen apples – and from them grew the very first blood red Bloody Ploughman variety.

Duck’s Bill apples were first grown in 1937 by Fred Streeter, the head gardener at Petworth House, Sussex.

Fairie Queen apples also date form 1937, and were first grown at Ware Gardens in Hertfordshire. It has tender flesh with a sweet aromatic flavour.

Forty Shillings is a dessert apple which is over 200 years old. It was first grown in 1800 and has a creamy white flesh.

The Truly Irresistible Tillington 1000 Pressed Apple Juice is now on sale in selected Co-operative food stores, until stocks last, priced £2.65 for a one litre bottle.

Coldpress Fruit Juice

coldpress fruit juice Coldpress fruit juice is a new drink from Closed Loop Foods made from 100% fruit juice with four times the shelf life of conventional chilled fruit juices.

Having launched successfully and being stocked immediately by in excess of 200 Waitrose outlets and being positioned competitively as a credible alternative to the ordinary range of juices Coldpress is fast expanding across the United Kingdom.

Coldpress provides a more thirst quenching, better tasting juice that is much high nutrition value than it’s competitors. By using a cold pressure as opposed to boiling the juices the brand retains a lot of its existing aromas and textures that the heated juices do not hold. Its unique bottle design sees it being an exciting and breath of fresh air in what is a fairly crowded market in the UK.

Coldpress is available in 250ml and 750ml bottles designed for the consumer market and retail routes as well as the new ‘Bag in a Box’ product that is far more cost effective to the restaurant, bars, clubs and other outlets.

Coldpress Fruit Juice is available in seven flavours that include – Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Valencia Orange, Apple & Lemon, Apple & Passionfruit, Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry.

Ocado Launches Hand-Picked ‘fruit, Veg And Salad Boxes’

Ocado Fruit and Salad BoxTucked inside Ocado’s new Organic Fruit, Vegetable and Salad Boxes you’ll find the freshest ingredients – everything from rainbow carrots and red Robinta potatoes to succulent Conference pears and juicy apples, all available to order now from just £17.99.

Ocado is passionate about organic produce and is working with a family-owned organic produce business, based in the South East, to bring you a selection of the highest quality, and most readily available, seasonal groceries.

Ocado’s Veg and Salad Box includes 11 healthy vegetables and salad ingredients that will feed your household’s weekly ‘five-a-day’ needs for just £17.99. Even hungrier households can opt for Ocado’s bumper Fruit, Veg and Salad Box, offering 13 of the freshest fruits, vegetables and salad items for £24.99.

All of Ocado’s produce, grown to strict Soil Association standards, has been personally selected and packed to perfection. Upon ordering, Ocado’s friendly drivers will whisk them straight to your kitchen table in a handy one-hour time slot.

Visit Ocado’s website to find out which delicious weekly items are up for grabs in each organic box, and to take a sneak-peak at what’s expected inside the following week’s offerings too.

River Cottage Handbook 9 – Fruit

We consume it, we spread the seed, more fruit grows, everyone’s happy.

It’s in Nature’s best interests to make it as enticing as possible and she’s certainly done so. Fruit is a real treat that often needs no embellishment and is resoundingly, unequivocally good for us.

Mark Diacono’s first River Cottage handbook, Veg Patch, was a joy: a thorough, yet accessible guide to raising homegrown produce that has established Mark as one of the foremost thinkers and writers on the subject of growing what you eat.

Now he’s turned his attention to fruit and, as you’ll discover, has written another confidence-inspiring, anxiety-reducing little gem . . . or perhaps that should be little peach.
While there’s been a revolution in the growing of vegetables and herbs in the UK in recent years, home fruit growing has lagged a little behind. I suspect this is because there’s a certain air of mystery attached to growing fruit, a sense that specialist knowledge and hard-won skills must be acquired before one can make a go of it.

Fruit (River Cottage Handbook) is available from Amazon for just £8.49.

In his gardening courses at River Cottage, Mark banishes these myths and gives people the confidence to start producing their own berries, apples, plums, melons and apricots.
This book will do the same thing. As Mark explains, fruit wants to grow – you just have to let it – and he’s here to show you how.

Picota Cherry Season: Rowley Leigh Video

Picota cherries are available for just a few short weeks (their season runs from mid-June through to August) so you have to be quick to endulge! Last year the Picota Cherry And Manchego ‘tapas’ Salad was a huge flavoursome hit.

This year perhaps chef Rowley Leigh via this video can entice to try out other dishes…