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Ocados Paleo shop

ocado paleoOcado, the online supermarket, has noticed a rise in Brits adopting the Paleo or ‘caveman’ diet, with sales of grass-fed meat up 73% YOY. Searches for unadulterated fish like organic salmon are up 58%; even the humble onion is in demand if it’s organic, with searches up 86% the last four weeks. To cater for demand, Ocado created a one-stop Paleo shop making it convenient for enthusiasts to get clean living essentials delivered to their kitchen table in handy one-hour slots.

Followed by celebrities and athletes such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jason Statham, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Freddie Flintoff, the Paleo diet is a modern nutritional plan based on the diet of Palaeolithic humans (cavemen). It’s ‘eating clean’ or consuming unprocessed foods and consists mainly of fish, grass-fed meat, organic eggs, vegetables, fruit, and nuts.

More than just weight-loss, the premise of Paleo is that human genetics have barely changed since the end of the Paleolithic era, when cereals and grains first appeared in our diets. By consuming foods we’re more adept at digesting, experts and enthusiasts report higher energy levels, increased defences against chronic illness and improved organ and heart health.

Ocado has partnered with Paleo expert Joy Skipper, author of new book The Paleo Diet Made Easy, to create the aisle so shoppers can browse for inspiring new recipe ideas and rest assured that all of their choices adhered to Paleo nutritional guidelines.

Joy Skipper said:

“Switching to the Paleo way of eating is very simple and once you start to cut out the foods your body finds hard to recognise, you will hopefully feel vitality and energy so you won’t want to go back to the way you were eating before. Ocado’s Paleo aisle is the perfect place to shop – all your Paleo essentials all in one place. With one-hour delivery slots, there’s no need to wait in all day to have your Paleo foods delivered – enjoy your day and know that great food is on its way to you, when you choose.”

Browse the new aisle now:

Ocados Free From shop

orcado free fromOnline grocer, Ocado’s, has launched a ‘free from’ web shop that promises to offer greater choice to the 2 million food allergy sufferers in the UK, plus an easier and, more importantly, tastier way to browse and buy. The one-stop-shop includes over 450 delicious products, ranging from everyday essentials to indulgent treats, and can be added to your online basket now at

As the nation’s hub for delicious alternatives, Ocado’s latest web shop offers customers a huge selection of free from favourites in a simple click; from big brand names, Thornton’s and Go Natural, to niche suppliers, Jealous Sweets and Glebe Farm. Shoppers can buy from a wide choice of both basics, such as lactose-free cheese, gluten-free pastas and wheat-free breads, plus luxuries like dairy-free chocolate, egg-free brownies and nut-free children’s cookies.

The Ocado Free From shop means customers with intolerances, or simply selective food preferences, can enjoy allergen-free alternatives without compromising on taste or quality. Long gone are the days of scouring shelves and stores for alternatives, with the range catering to the millions of UK shoppers that experience nut, dairy, lactose, gluten and wheat allergies.

Ocado understands that people suffering from food intolerances and allergies don’t just miss the everyday essentials; in many cases it’s often the treats that they crave. Proving that Free From foods needn’t be bland, the online grocer’s latest partner, Great British Chefs, share a number of their mouth-watering Free From recipes, all the ingredients for which are available online.

Ocados Free From shop is now live online.

Beyond Dark Chocolate

beyond dark chocolateIt’s a family business; taking the daughter-in-laws business degree thesis on a healthy eating food to a fully formed idea. Beyond Dark chocolate was born.

“What I found so fascinating was that scientific research studies had shown that cocoa and dark chocolate had some amazing potential health benefits. They both contain flavanols which are anti-oxidants. These flavanols have numerous health benefits associated with their antioxidant properties – most notably they have been observed to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, promote a healthy heart and lower the risk of some cancers and diabetes. All of a sudden I had a healthy reason to eat dark chocolate.”

“although a standard dark chocolate does have higher levels of antioxidants compared to some other foods the high fat to antioxidants ratio of the chocolate means that there are no real health positive benefits to the consumer. This started a four year voyage to create a healthy antioxidant-rich chocolate. Thanks to our cocoa bean selection and production process Beyond Dark contains up to three times more antioxidants than a standard dark chocolate, that’s the antioxidants equivalent to 25 oranges, 8 bananas or 5 apples in every 35g pack, making our chocolate a health positive indulgence.”

Beyond Dark was launched in November 2010 and is now available in Sainsburys in the premium chocolate section as well as over 200 independent retailers across the UK. Holland and Barret have also just started selling Beyond Dark. It is also available online via the Beyond Dark website.

Coldpress Fruit Juice

coldpress fruit juice Coldpress fruit juice is a new drink from Closed Loop Foods made from 100% fruit juice with four times the shelf life of conventional chilled fruit juices.

Having launched successfully and being stocked immediately by in excess of 200 Waitrose outlets and being positioned competitively as a credible alternative to the ordinary range of juices Coldpress is fast expanding across the United Kingdom.

Coldpress provides a more thirst quenching, better tasting juice that is much high nutrition value than it’s competitors. By using a cold pressure as opposed to boiling the juices the brand retains a lot of its existing aromas and textures that the heated juices do not hold. Its unique bottle design sees it being an exciting and breath of fresh air in what is a fairly crowded market in the UK.

Coldpress is available in 250ml and 750ml bottles designed for the consumer market and retail routes as well as the new ‘Bag in a Box’ product that is far more cost effective to the restaurant, bars, clubs and other outlets.

Coldpress Fruit Juice is available in seven flavours that include – Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Valencia Orange, Apple & Lemon, Apple & Passionfruit, Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry.

Onken Fat Free Yoghurt

Onken Fat Free Yoghurt The start of the New Year, it’s never pretty. Cold, grey, people suffering S.A.D, it’s all very gloomy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The New Year is tough enough and when the days are dark and you need some bold bright flavours in your life, look no further than the new Onken Fat Free Yoghurt range. Yes its guilt free, but it tastes fantastic and that’s what you need in the depths of January, deliciousness not denial.

Keeping the same great taste, Onken’s unique blend of bio cultures in the Fat Free range features delicious Strawberry, fragrant Vanilla, and juicy Mango & Apple, all now available without any artificial sweeteners, meaning something this good, just got a whole lot better and still only has 88 kcals per 100g!

Delightfully tasty and a perfect choice for a healthy breakfast, a quick lunch, or rewarding dessert, the new Fat Free range contains three bold and delicious flavours. Strawberry Fat Free, made with skimmed milk and wholesome pieces of strawberry is light, delicious and irresistibly yummy! The combination of Mango & Apple mixes exotic fruit with a British staple, and is a great way to kick start your day. Completing the updated range is Fat Free Vanilla. Light on the tummy, it’s a creamy, tasty replacement to ice cream or custard when counting the calories!

So shake off those New Year blues, with the latest Fat Free offerings from Onken. A New Year, means a new you and Onken are here to help you on your way to a great 2012! Onken Fat Free Yoghurt range comes in a 450g big pot and is available from all major retailers, RRP £1.28