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Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

olive oil testers Two olive oil samples were sent last week. Not that difficult to tell them apart. Sample B had a very light colour, little aroma and simple taste. Sample A had a much more enticing hue, strident, grassy aroma and peppery finish to the flavour. Sample A I concluded must be a single variety, extra virgin olive oil. I wasn’t wrong. Sample A is Hojiblanca – a premium, single variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil, brand-new to the UK.

Unlike blended extra virgin olive oils, which are created from a mix of different olive varieties, new Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Andalusia in Spain is created using only the eponymous olive variety Hojiblanca – meaning ‘white leaf’ – so that it has a smooth, distinctive, high-quality taste and an extremely low acidity.

At just £3.49 for 500ml, Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil is affordable enough to be an everyday product (only 10p more than the market-leading ‘refined’, non-extra virgin oil that was the other sample) – and what’s more, it’s better for you, better for your cooking and offers a superior taste to refined olive oils. While in the UK we are traditionally taught to reserve EVOO for dipping and salads because of its higher price tag, in the Mediterranean they tend to use it for everything, as it is at a more affordable price.

Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available in selected Tesco stores nationwide.

Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gourmet Garden Products Now Available In Tesco

gourmet_garden herbs and spicesGourmet Garden, the experts in fresh herbs and flavours, can now be found in one of the world’s largest retailers in an all new 75kg size. Tesco will be stocking six of the fresh herb and spice range – Basil, Chilli, Coriander, Garlic, Ginger and Thai Spices – all of which can be found in store in the chilled section or online.

To celebrate these latest products Gourmet Garden is giving one lucky winner the chance to win a gourmet adventure holiday to Noosa, Australia. Not only will the winner win two return flights to Brisbane and seven nights’ accommodation on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, they will also get the chance to visit the Audi 2012 Noosa Food and Wine Festival and the Australia Zoo, owned by the family of the late Steve Irwin.

If that wasn’t enough, the winner will get the chance to tour the Gourmet Garden factory and receive a ‘Cooking with Herbs’ master class with some of Australia’s favourite chefs.

Gourmet Garden offers a totally unique and ultimate solution for cooking with fresh flavours – fresh herbs and spices in a tube that are bursting with just-picked flavour for creating mouth-watering fresh meals in minutes.

The perfect alternative to using dried herbs and spices, the herbs are simply picked, washed, chopped, blended and packed into tubes to maintain all their fresh taste and nutrition.

There are nine individual herb and spice blends available in the core range – Basil, Hot Chilli, Coriander, Chives, Garlic, Ginger, Italian Herbs, Lemon Grass, and Parsley – with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Use them to flavour sauces, soups and dressings, for seasoning meat, seafood and stir fries, and to add a kick to curries, stews, noodle and pasta dishes.

Ideal for busy cooks who don’t want to lose out on flavour, these handy tubes are stored in the fridge and keep their fresh taste for 3 months, and can also be used straight from the freezer.

Priced at RRP £2.19 per tube, Gourmet Garden products are now stored in Tesco nationwide. For more information and to enter the competition, please visit or


British high streets have long had strawberry, raspberry, damson, blackcurrant, apricot, plum, fig, cherry and other jams but until now never apple.

Now Master Preserver Michelle McKenna, (aka Clippy) is about to put that right when her Clippy’s Apples range of six apple conserves hit 800 Tesco stores this week.

The award-winning range of mind-bogglingly tasty conserves are made using the quintessential British apple and have a significantly higher fruit content than other brands dominating the shelves, making them a healthier option. Clippy’s Apples products are packed with juicy fruits and other indulgent ingredients such as fresh ginger and cinnamon to create unique flavour combinations. The conserves now available in Tesco include: Apple & Strawberry; Apple & Figgy Diggy; Apple, Rudebarb & Ginger; Apple Pie and Apple & Blueberry.

Clippy’s Apples conserves are hugely versatile and not just for spreading on toast! The labels highlight serving suggestions: try the Apple Pie conserve with waffles, the Apple, Rudebarb & Ginger conserve with roast pork or the Apple & Figgy Diggy conserve with cheese! Delicious! Their products appear on the menus of both Harvey Nichols and The National Trust.

Clippy’s Apples is the brainchild of Master Preserver Michelle McKenna (aka Clippy) who set up Clippy’s Apples with a mission to save the British Apple and to create a range of versatile, indulgent preserves that are healthier, less sugary and down-right tasty.

Believed to be the smallest National Brand in the UK!

Clippy and her partner Paul Gorman, who work out of their tiny spare room, are not only Tesco’s but quite probably the UK’s smallest national supplier reaching shoppers from the south coast of England to north Scotland.

And they have achieved creating their own brand of British-apple based preserves with an original outlay of just £100, keeping overheads to a minimum by working from their home.

Effervescent founder Clippy brings the brand to life and has been cited as the new face of preserves in the UK, re-invigorating the stagnant market with this versatile, indulgent, healthier range of family-friendly products, a great alternative to all the sugary brands currently on the shelves. Using only British apples and other fruits together the brand boasts provenance and a feel-good factor.

Clippy’s Apples products are also available to purchase in Asda in the North West (88+ stores), Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, John Lewis, Ocado, EH Booths in addition to 800 Tesco stores nationwide. BBC Countryfile listed Clippy’s Apples as the ‘pick of the best’ preserving companies!

Enjoy The Taste Of Scotland With Tesco This Summer

Following the success of last years’ ‘Enjoy the Taste of Scotland’ event in Glasgow’s George Square, Tesco is taking its free food and drink event on a road trip around the country this summer.

The events promise a fantastic day out for families and foodies alike with a variety of food and drink from local Scottish producers to sample as well as a host of entertainment.

‘Enjoy the Taste of Scotland’ will be visiting:

• Perth Extra 7th August 2010
• Silverburn Extra (Glasgow) 28th August 2010

Tesco Chairman, David Reid said: “Enjoy the Taste of Scotland celebrates the very best of Scottish fare from Tesco’s many local food and drink producers. We are committed to getting even closer to local suppliers across Scotland and this series of events are testament to that.”

Visitors will be able to take a culinary tour of the region, browsing stalls and meeting the enthusiastic producers from all over Scotland. Each event will be unique to the area but will include:
The Tesco Cookery Theatre – featuring local producers, well-known chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers.

The Tesco Fair– a collection of producer marquees and stands as well as a variety of activities and great entertainment including the Haggis Shy, milking ‘Bella’ the Wiseman’s life size cow, a craft corner, face painting and even the chance for kids to come and taste, plant and grow their own herbs.

Each event will be open to the public and free to attend.

Think Breakfast… Think Flahavan’s Porridge Oats

What do Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Kate Moss all have in common? Well, all three are said to eat an essential bowl of porridge for breakfast every morning. And, what better way to get into a healthy breakfast habit just like the stars, than this Farmhouse Breakfast Week (24th-30th January 2010).

Established by The Home Grown Cereals Authority, Farmhouse Breakfast Week focuses on the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. We all know that porridge for breakfast has a plethora of health benefits, but do we know what they are? To remind us why porridge should be an essential part of your daily diet, Flahavan’s, Ireland’s leading oats producer, has compiled a list of the benefits below:

• Porridge oats have a low GI (Glycaemic Index), which means the body takes longer to burn the energy, helping to combat mid-morning cravings and therefore stops us from eating between meals, they also:
• Aid concentration throughout the day
• Helps to fight obesity
• Helps to lower cholesterol levels
• Helps to lower blood pressure
• Reduces the risk of heart disease

Oats are delicious too – Flahavan’s has over 200 years of experience in producing high quality oats. The family use a unique milling process which cooks the oats twice resulting in a distinctive creamier taste and texture. So, this Farmhouse Breakfast Week, think breakfast… think Flahavan’s.

‘Berry Nice’ Porridge

To prepare a bowl of creamy Flahavan’s Organic Porridge Oats follow directions on the pack.

To serve: Pour porridge into serving dish. Scatter raspberries and blueberries on top.

Various Flahavan’s products are available in Tesco, selected Waitrose and ASDA.

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