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Christmas Pud Yoghurt

christmas pud yoghurtBack by popular demand is the Limited Edition Christmas Pud yoghurt from The Collective. It’s surprising, exquisite and everything that’s great about Christmas. Whole juicy sultanas, warming winter spices and tangy orange zest are all wrapped up in this distinctively thick and creamy yoghurt: it’s Christmas in a pot.

Packed full of festive flavour, it’s a taste combination that might not be the most obvious paring, but once experienced, it is sure to be on your Christmas list next year. Christmas pud fans and foes all agree that this is something not to be missed. Trust us, those who experienced it last year insisted that The Collective bring it back and give others a chance to try it this Christmas.

Limited Edition Christmas Pud is available in 500g pots from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and Nisa Stores.

Handcrafted using West Country milk The Collective yoghurt is thick and creamy on the spoon and has a silky smooth, clean taste. What’s more it contains probiotics (cultures A, B and C), has no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings and with only 5% fat is a little more saintly but no less indulgent than cream or custard when served alongside a piping-hot mince pie, or a brandy-soaked slice of plum pudding…or just as it comes.

Much like your snowman jumper or fairy lit tree, The Collective’s Limited Edition Christmas Pud won’t be around forever, so grab it while you can. Priced at £2.39 for a 500g tub it will be available from now until January 2013.

Onken Fat Free Yoghurt

Onken Fat Free Yoghurt The start of the New Year, it’s never pretty. Cold, grey, people suffering S.A.D, it’s all very gloomy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The New Year is tough enough and when the days are dark and you need some bold bright flavours in your life, look no further than the new Onken Fat Free Yoghurt range. Yes its guilt free, but it tastes fantastic and that’s what you need in the depths of January, deliciousness not denial.

Keeping the same great taste, Onken’s unique blend of bio cultures in the Fat Free range features delicious Strawberry, fragrant Vanilla, and juicy Mango & Apple, all now available without any artificial sweeteners, meaning something this good, just got a whole lot better and still only has 88 kcals per 100g!

Delightfully tasty and a perfect choice for a healthy breakfast, a quick lunch, or rewarding dessert, the new Fat Free range contains three bold and delicious flavours. Strawberry Fat Free, made with skimmed milk and wholesome pieces of strawberry is light, delicious and irresistibly yummy! The combination of Mango & Apple mixes exotic fruit with a British staple, and is a great way to kick start your day. Completing the updated range is Fat Free Vanilla. Light on the tummy, it’s a creamy, tasty replacement to ice cream or custard when counting the calories!

So shake off those New Year blues, with the latest Fat Free offerings from Onken. A New Year, means a new you and Onken are here to help you on your way to a great 2012! Onken Fat Free Yoghurt range comes in a 450g big pot and is available from all major retailers, RRP £1.28

Rachel’s Latest Limited Edition Yogurt

Rejuvenate your senses and retain that summer feeling with the sweet, juicy taste of berry goodness in Rachel’s new Limited Edition Blueberry Yogurt.

Packed full of antioxidants, this latest limited edition treat combines the finest, juicy organic blueberries with Rachel’s signature smooth, creamy bio-live yogurt: resulting in a luxurious creation that is guaranteed to keep you feeling healthy and invigorated this winter.

As well as being delightfully delicious, the Blueberry’s new-found status as a super fruit means this brand new pot is bursting with healing health benefits including rich antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – sure to give you a blueberry boost! What’s more, all Rachel’s yogurts contain millions of health-giving probiotic cultures, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium, to help you maintain a healthy digestive system.

Rachel’s Limited Edition Blueberry yogurt can be savoured on its own as an energising treat, or try it spooned over a traditional bread and butter pudding for a perfect winter warmer dessert.

Packaged in a fresh, stylish purple pot, this mouth-watering new flavour is priced at £1.59 for a 450g pot and will be available online at Ocado and in store at Waitrose and Booths

As Britain’s first organic dairy and pioneer of branded organic dairy produce, Rachel’s is now the leading premium organic dairy brand in the UK. Based in Aberystwyth, West Wales; Rachel’s produce a wide range of award winning organic yogurts, milk, butter, rice puddings, cream and crème frâiche.

Rachel’s New Pouring Natural Yogurt

Wave goodbye to boring breakfasts with Rachel’s revolutionary, new pouring natural yogurt, guaranteed to liven up your morning. This deliciously mild, lighter textured yogurt is designed to pour smoothly over your cereal and muesli without the additional need for milk.

Available in three natural flavours; natural, natural with a hint of honey and natural with a hint of strawberry, the yogurt softens and wets cereal making it the perfect, tastier alternative to milk. What’s more, the smooth, creamy taste not only provides your breakfast cereal with a brand new lease of life, but can also provide the perfect accompaniment to fruit salads and desserts at any time of day.

Should you need any more persuading, the yogurt cultures also make it the healthier choice, leaving you to treat yourself safe in the knowledge that both your taste buds and your digestive system will thank you later. The health benefits of the pouring yogurt do not end there; the ‘hints of’ products provide natural sweetness, meaning that you do not need that large spoonful of sugar on top of your already sweetened cereal or muesli.

Andrew Curzon, Rachel’s Marketing Manager said: “In commissioned research we discovered that consumers were looking for something more interesting than milk to pour over their cereal and muesli, while current natural yogurt was also considered to be too thick. As the leading premium dairy brand, we felt that this was a great opportunity to develop a new product that consumers were literally crying out for. These new, pourable yogurts offer the same high quality Rachel’s yogurt taste but with a texture that allows it to be poured effectively over your favourite cereal and muesli, providing the perfect alternative to milk”

A first for the yogurt category, Rachel’s new pouring yogurts are also packaged in a pot with a unique spout to aid pouring accuracy so you can ensure your favourite breakfast is fully drenched in the delicious, smooth flavours of the yogurt.

Available in all good supermarkets, at £1.19 for a 400g pot, like all Rachel’s yogurts, this pouring natural yogurt provides an important source of calcium and natural vitamins, as well as the health-giving bio-live cultures associated with maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Our Cheese is The Bees Knees!

Celebrate National Honey Week, now underway, with Delamere Dairy’s honey treats. The UK’s leading goats’ milk brand has introduced a new delicious soft goats’ cheese log with honey to add to their wide range of goats’ cheeses already on offer. Why not also indulge yourself with Delamere Dairy goats’ milk honey yogurt, for a thick, creamy dessert, with the added natural sweetness of honey.

We think the honey cheese and yogurt could be a match made in heaven for your health! Those with an intolerance to cows’ milk can usually get on well with goats’ milk products. Regular customer feedback cites symptoms of skin and respiratory conditions like eczema and asthma being relieved when switching to goats’ milk based products. The proteins in goats’ milk form a softer curd in the stomach than cows’ milk which aids digestion, making its products an ideal food for children, the elderly, those with digestive difficulties and people recuperating from illness. This, paired with honey, which for thousands of years has been gathered for food and medicine, is often used to relieve colds, sore throats and hayfever, could be the perfect treat for those with the sniffles!

So, why not BEE good to yourself and treat your friends to Delamere Dairy Honey goats’ cheese and yogurt- available at Ocado online, Booths and selected Wholefoods stores.