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Tesco Healthy EatingAnd talking of Tesco

The ubiquitous supermarket chain has invested over £2.5m on an overhaul of it Healthy Living range and the introduction of a new brand – Light Choices – aimed at dieters.

They have also revamped their health website and launched an online tracker offering detailed advice on diet. All this activity follows research that showed healthy eating has evolved considerably since they launched their Healthy Eating range way back in 1985.

Back then healthy eating was simply the reduction of salt and eating less calories. Now however it is more to do with illness prevention through eating, for example, food rich in omega 3. Following this Healthy Living is targeting shoppers looking for a balanced diet while the light Choices range is for those wanting to loose weight.

Last week Tesco also introduced a four-in-one health check with offers test on blood pressure and cholesterol and the like. It is available for £20 at the stores pharmacies.

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  1. Adrian Evans says:

    I Dont like Tesco’s new Healthy Living range! I could not find any I liked. The meals cannot be frozen or oven cooked. The way the meal is packaging in cardboard means that the only way you can read the instructions is to put it over your head or turn it over and spread the contents all over the plastic window. I will now be looking in other supermarkets for healthy meals.

  2. Andrew says:

    Not tired them myself – I don’t have a Tesco’s nearby – but not a great recommendation Adrian!

  3. Sarah says:

    I really like the Healthy Living meals. They taste great and look good too. I have been eating them as part of a diet and its working :) Big thumbs up

  4. linda allan says:


  5. Tesco have some great innovative healthy food options, but I am frustrated that these never seem to be as well promoted as the “food for £1″ offers, and often they hide products away on the “specialist” shelves. I am a great fan of their Pulse Spaghetti – a great spaghetti made from chickpea and lentil flour, which is full of protein and soluble fibre, and a really good alternative to ordinary spaghetti. HOWEVER it is so difficult to find, as instead of being the the pasta aisle, Tesco hide it away in the wholefood section. I wish Tesco would more prominantly promote their healthy options range.

  6. Annie George says:

    Having spoken to Tesco on behalf of a retained client, the best they could come up after a long discussion to with to help customers following a low salt diet was “look out for the Healthy Eating’ range and some of them may be low in salt..” They apparently have no list or record of which of their own brand or stock brands are low salt.

    As this is a serious health issue for such a significant number of people with kidney, heart, blood pressure and other medical conditions as well as in the spotlight as regards childrens and general health, food suppliers such as Tesco should help remedy low salt shopping and eating being such a daily challenge. The loyalty they would win would be well worth the effort…

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