The Big Lunch Beer Challenge

A little bit about the The Big Lunch Beer Challenge, an extra to the Big Lunch…

- The Big Lunch is an annual event which encourages people to sit down with their neighbours for lunch on one day of the year, Sunday July 18th, in a simple act of friendship and community.

- The Big Lunch Beer Challenge is about finding the rising stars in home brewing. They are inviting the home brewers of the UK to brew a special beer for their local ‘Big Lunch’ and then to hold back six bottles to send to the Sharp’s judging panel.

- The prize for the winner will be to work with the Head Brewer of Cornwall’s Sharp brewery, Stuart Howe, at the brewery in Rock to brew a commercial batch of the winning beer. He also has a blog:

You can find out more info on the challenge (and enter) following this link: – deadline for entries is 10th July 2010.

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