The Celebrity Cookbook

David Cameron, Gary Lineker, Lorraine Kelly and Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the stars revealing their favourite recipes in a new book for youth charity The Prince’s Trust

The book has been masterminded and produced by a team of nine corporate fundraisers from leading marketing services provider Communisis, as part of The Princes Trusts’ Million Makers Challenge.

Million Makers see companies competing nationwide to raise money for The Prince’s Trust, by creating and producing exciting products with a mass appeal. Teams run their own
‘mini-enterprises’ during the challenge, with the aim of making as much profit as possible for The Trust, from an initial investment of just £1,500.

A-list celebrities from film, TV, music and sport, have joined forces for The Celebrity Cookbook, a collection of top recipes and personal stories about why they chose them.

Gary Lineker, who chose Paella as his favourite dish because it reminds him of his time playing for Barcelona, said: “I loved the life in Spain, learnt to speak Spanish and fully embraced the life there, even managing to learn how to cook one of their most famous dishes!”

Daniella Wainwright, Chairman of the Communisis Million Makers team is hoping to exceed the £10,000 target: “The team and I are having a great time raising money for the Prince’s Trust, it’s been challenging but it’s for such a worthy cause, we are hoping that The Celebrity Cookbook will help our team to the top of the Million Makers leader board.”

Leeds City Colleges’ Thomas Danby culinary staff and students cooked and taste tested all of the recipes, and provided the kitchen location for photographer Orly Lyndon to take shots for the book.

The money raised will help unemployed young people into work or training with The Prince’s Trust.

The Celebrity Cookbook can be pre-ordered now from with all profits going to The Prince’s Trust.

3 Comments on "The Celebrity Cookbook"

  1. linda says:

    This book is fab, just bought 10 for family and friends stocking fillers. Not just a cook book though quite a good read, some very personal messages. Great idea!!

  2. Karen Dudleston says:

    Fab cookbook for a great cause.
    Peter Jones (Dragon’s Den) Roast Chicken with a twist is amazing. Definetly on top of my list for Christmas gifts this year!

  3. Emma says:

    This book is great! I thought it might just a bit of a gimick, but the recipes are actually really good! They were all tested by a local college too, which put my mind at rest, as a lot of the contributors are not chefs!

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