The UK’s Oldest Cheddar

Exclusively available at Waitrose this Easter, Cathedral City Vintage 60 has been carefully matured to perfection for five years, or 60 months, placing it amongst the oldest Cheddars produced in the UK.

Mark Pitts-Tucker, the Cathedral City cheese specialist is behind this first-of-its-kind Cheddar worked to achieve an irresistible, full bodied, rich and luxurious, creamy taste which is sure to appeal to Britain’s cheese lovers looking for a new and exciting taste experience. Mark carefully crafted this Cheddar step by step to take it to its perfect result.

Mark Pitts-Tucker comments, “This cheese has been slowly maturing for five years to the point of unique excellence. The texture is very firm, almost crumbly and crunchy. The flavour is very intense with an almost ‘dark chocolate’ element which gradually surrenders to the creaminess of the Cheddar’.

The high quality craftsmanship that has gone into the making of this Cheddar has been recognised by Waitrose and will join the other high quality cheeses that feature in its deli counters. The introduction of Vintage 60 will also launch Waitrose’s new ‘Guest Cheese’ promotion where a speciality cheese is introduced to its counters for a limited time.

Just in time for Easter the launch of this rare Cheddar makes an ideal alternative for those seeking a gourmet treat to satisfy their savoury taste buds. The rich flavours of Vintage 60 make it a ‘must have’ on any cheese connoisseur’s cheeseboard. Mark recommends pairing it with Baron de Ley, Club Privado 2006 Rioja, ‘the creaminess of the Cheddar truly brings to life the very juicy style of the wine, working to create a truly delicious and rare taste experience.’

Vintage 60 was produced by the award winning Davidstow Creamery in Cornwall and was debuted last summer at the International Cheese Awards where food experts praised its fine flavour and strong quality. To be one of the lucky few to experience this one-of-a-kind taste sensation, visit the deli counter at Waitrose stores around the country from March 30th. With only limited availability this really is a very unique cheese, so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

If Cathedral City Vintage 60 tickled your taste buds, then Cathedral City Vintage 20, a mature Cheddar that has been matured for 20 months using exactly the same recipe as Vintage 60, will also be a perfect addition to grace your cheeseboard and add an extra bit of luxury to your plate.

Mark Pitts-Tucker accompaniments recommendations:
‘I see the cheese being served on a Cornish slate cheeseboard liberally accompanied by Delicias Dona Natalia Pure Quince (£2.29 from Waitrose), simple dry biscuits, such as Waitrose’s Biscuits for Cheese (£1.38) and an over-filled glass of red Rioja that has been partly spilt in the hurry to reach for the cheese! I recommend Waitrose’s Baron de Ley, Club Privado 2006 Rioja (£7.99)’.

4 Comments on "The UK’s Oldest Cheddar"

  1. Earle Wines says:

    Wines from Bordeaux and the Bergerac region also go very well with Cheddar cheese. Particularly wines with a prodominent Cabernet Sauvignon blend I find.

  2. Andrew says:

    There is quite a comprehensive list of wine and cheese matches on Spittoon

  3. Greg says:

    what is the best chutney to put with this kind of cheese?

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