THINK PIG Campaign

The RSPCA’s THINK PIG campaign aims to encourage the UK’s shoppers to use their consumer power to help improve pig welfare.

Many of the 160 million pigs bred for meat across Europe live in conditions that the Society believes are unacceptable. Pigs face a range of welfare issues that most people are just not aware of.

Consumers have the power to make a difference for pigs and that’s why the RSPCA is urging consumers to ‘Think Pig’ when out shopping and make sure what they put in their shopping basket is a vote for better pig welfare.

The campaign needs to reach a broad consumer audience and the Facebook game, with its social elements, is one of the ways that the Society hopes to achieve this.

RSPCA and Farm Animals

The RSPCA is working harder than ever before to try to improve the welfare of as many farm animals as possible, at every stage of their lives.

More than 900 million farm animals are reared every year in the UK. Unfortunately the law alone is not always strong or detailed enough to ensure that they all have a good quality of life, and are transported and slaughtered humanely.

It is a huge challenge to try to improve the welfare of such a large number of animals, ranging from those kept as pets to those kept on large-scale farms. The RSPCA works in a number of different ways to encourage improvements, and always uses all available scientific information and practical evidence to support our arguments.

One Comment on "THINK PIG Campaign"

  1. zoe says:

    The RSPCA has my full support on this campaign and all that seek to improve farm animal welfare but most especially for pigs as they are without doubt the most intelligent of all farm animals and therefore it is even more urgent that their conditions are improved to lessen suffering. I do not eat any pork products myself because my love, respect and admiration for pigs renders that so. And having never eaten it all my life either I certainly cannot miss it. But as I SAY i FULLY SUPPORT THE RSPCA campaign because meat eating is a reality so lets make life better for the animals. And they really are worth it.

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