Virgin Wines Virtual Winery

virgin wines virtual wineryAfter the success of Virgin Wines first Virtual Winery held in Italy last year, the online wine retailer has launched the Virgin Wines Virtual Winery – The Rioja Experience.

The Virtual Winery project aims to bring together a group of impassioned wine lovers in the creation of a new wine – one that doesn’t yet exist – and actively play a part in the decisions that shapes its future. Hot off the heels of the first Virgin Wines’ Virtual Winery which was held last year at the Pallavicini wine estate in Lazio in Italy, this year sees the opportunity for customers to come together and get involved in the making of a red wine from Rioja.

As a Virtual Winemaker, customers will have access to a dedicated online platform where they can follow updates from the winemakers. They will also have the chance to win a trip to visit the winery, will receive regular email updates, and most importantly will be asked to vote on certain aspects of the making of their wine. The votes will cover decision in the vineyard and winery, the wine’s name and even the label. All of this interaction will allow anyone – wherever they are located – to get involved.

Virgin Wines has joined forces with the innovative Finca Manzanos winery on this second Virtual Winery project. Virgin Wines has been working with Finca Manzanos for several years and their wines have proved favourites with Virgin Wines’ customers. The young and talented Borja Ripa heads up the winemaking, producing wines which are true examples of the best Rioja traditions but tempered by the modern demands for fresher, more fruit-forward wines.

Commenting on the launch, Jay Wright, Managing Director at Virgin Wines said:

“Our Virgin Wines Virtual Winery is a fantastic opportunity to bring together a bunch of switched-on wine lovers and invite them to do something pioneering and engaging. The feedback from our first Virtual Winery was excellent, so we were keen to repeat it although this time around we hope it will be even bigger and better. We’re delighted to be working with Finca Manzanos – they are a great team, make fantastic wines and a perfect fit for this project.”

Víctor Fernández de Manzanos Roldán from Finca Manzanos added “At Finca Manzanos we are committed to sharing the excitement of wine with all our friends. The Manzanos family and I are keen to continue the work my late Father, who deeply wanted customers to have the chance to take an active part in the winemaking experience and to experiment with the pleasure of “creating” wine. We hope to make this dream come true by teaming up with Virgin Wines on this exciting Virtual Winery project.”

More details about the Virtual Winery – The Rioja Experience can be found at Already over 380 customers have signed up.

To participate costs £12 which secures a 12 bottle case of the final wine and lets you join in with the voting on key wine making decisions, decide on the name and label, and be the first to sample the wine at a preview tasting to be held in London next spring.

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