Westin Gourmet Meats

westin gourmet meatFollowing the horse meat scandal it is worth hunting down those quality independent butchers both in the high street and one line. One retailer well worth considering is Westin Gourmet Meats.

Each of our specialist cuts are chosen to give you the juiciest, most flavoursome meat available. Our gourmet meat is unrivalled and so are our prices. You can buy your gourmet meat from us at prices that are lower than the standard meat you get from your local supermarket…

All are cut on the day of dispatch by our expert butchers in the heart of Dorset, and no processed meat in sight. Our High Welfare RSPCA Freedom Food Veal which is from farms in the West Country is also becoming highly popular.

Products listed include Rare breed meats from award winning Brookfield Farm (no, its not the one in the Archers. The Archers isn’t real, it’s a radio program), ethically reared veal, four bird roast and loads and loads of offers and specials.

Gourmet Variety Selection Pack – this is only available to those visiting the Westin Gourmet Meats website for the very first time! A selection of products including ribeyes, sausages, chicken breast fillers, pork loin steaks and more for just £39 saving £40! Head to the website… www.westingourmet.co.uk

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