What’s in my Larder? – a new App for iPhone/iPad/iPod

whats in my larderWhat’s in my Larder? is a great new iPhone app for iPhone/iPad/iPod that will help you organize everything in your larder so that you never run short of ingredients!

No more guessing whether you’ve got everything you need for that stir-fried chicken. Make sure you’ve got enough olive oil for the salad. Keep up to date with what spices you’ve got and all the other basics so that you don’t run out. Make a list of what’s on the shelves and in the cupboards – and avoid waste by using them all before their use-by date. At the shops but not sure what you need? Just pull your larder out of your pocket and check!

What’s in my Larder? puts your larder in your pocket. You can record everything you’ve stored or just left on the shelf, along with its use-by date. Now you can know where you put it, see what it looks like and assign it to a list. See at a glance what needs using up or keeping for later. You can even organise all your cooking equipment, pots and pans.

What’s in my Larder? is super-easy to use. You just enter an item. And then, whenever you want, you can add a

• Photo
• Location
• Category
• List
• Note

What’s in my Larder? is with you wherever you are. Want to see the brand of those ingredients you need to buy next time you’re in town? Select the photo and click on ‘Show full screen’. Get what you want. Simple.

The beauty of What’s in my Larder? is that you can use the categories, locations and lists already in the App or you can create your own. And once you’ve added things you can browse by any combination of location, category and list.

It’s what every good cook dreams about – knowing exactly what you’ve got, where it is and what it looks like.

What’s in my Larder? can be downloaded from Apple iTunes
Categories: Lifestyle and Productivity
Price: £1.49

One Comment on "What’s in my Larder? – a new App for iPhone/iPad/iPod"

  1. David says:

    Sounds interesting. Does it have a bar code scanner so you don’t have to enter everything in. Sounds a bit laborious otherwise.