Creating the Perfect Cup of Coffee

coffee_videoNothing beats the rich and sensuous aroma of freshly ground beans or the dark notes that waft from a recently poured cup of coffee in the morning.

While much of the flavour will depend on your choice of bean – whether it be Arabica, Liberica or Robusta – the altitude at which it’s grown, alongside precise blending and roasting processes are all key factors that culminate in creating the perfect cup.

Whether you prefer the richness of a Columbian Robusta or are more partial to an Ethiopian Arabica, for those of us who are serious about our coffee, the flavour and aroma of each magical cup is part of a ritual that helps set us up for the day ahead.

Yet when it comes to making our own coffee, it can be difficult to recapture that professionally made coffee most of enjoy from our high street coffee shops.

In this video feature, expert barista David Cooper will show you how to make the perfect espresso, latte and cappuccino – using both Bean-to-Cup and Bar-Pump machines. Having judged the 2008 World Barista Championships, David certainly knows his beans and gives us an insight into the history and culture of arguably the world’s favourite beverage.

To learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee, CLICK HERE

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