Farmhouse Breakfast Week 2011

Shake Up Your Wake Up With Farmhouse Breakfast Week 23 – 29 January 2011.

It’s time we all started the day the right way, with a quick and easy healthy balanced breakfast. The twelfth annual Farmhouse Breakfast Week is being rejuvenated for 2011 with a new theme “Shake Up Your Wake Up”. Organisers HGCA are challenging the one in four breakfast skippers to rethink their morning routine and start the day the right way, with breakfast. As the most important meal of the day it need only take minutes to make, but will deliver hours of benefits.

For heaps of quick and easy breakfast ideas visit Banana and Peanut Muffins are ideal for a tasty breakfast on the go, or if you’re looking for a breakfast that you can eat at your desk, try a warming bowl of Cranberry Spiced Porridge or a slice of Omelette Brunch.

New for 2011:

• Best Breakfast Gizmo Competition – Launched with expert Pollyanna Woodward we want to know your ideas for a new food gizmo to help shake up breakfast times.
• How To Shake Up Your Wake Up: Life Coach Rebekah Fensome offers her top tips on refreshing the morning routine and finding the breakfast which is right for you
• The Breakfast Factsheet: Interesting facts and figures about breakfast skippers and the breakfast market.
• Quick And Easy Breakfast Ideas: Simple breakfast ideas that can be eaten at home, on the go or at your desk.
• Shaking Up Your Wake Up Can Make A Difference: Nutritionist Therese Coleman explains why eating a healthy balanced breakfast is important.

Throughout the week itself (23 – 29 January 2011) hundreds of Shake Up Your Wake Up breakfast events around the country will be held to celebrate Farmhouse Breakfast Week. Schools, retailers, caterers and consumers will all be aiming to ring the changes and feel the difference that eating breakfast makes. Look out for events in your area and on ways of Shaking Up Your Wake Up.

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